A Visit with WINTER – the World’s Most Famous Dolphin

On a recent weekday we decided to visit “Winter, The World’s Most Famous Dolphin”. (Photos below) It was and is a two-part experience, first with a visit to “Winter’s Dolphin Tale Adventure” located in downtown Clearwater, Florida. This is all about the movie “Dolphin’s Tale”, with props, sets and background info about the movie and all the scientists went through and accomplished to create a working prosthetic tail for the dolphin. Not an easy task as a dolphin’s skin is very sensitive. The “museum” also has a large gift shop with everything “Winter”, a small snack shop, and even a “hurricane room” where a visitor can experience some of the wind effects of a hurricane.

Then we made the trip to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium located a short distance away in Clearwater Beach. The choice of transportation (included) was by “Jolly Trolley” or water taxi.

At the Aquarium we watched Winter with her handlers and other shows featuring dolphins, sea turtles, otters and other fish.

It proved to be a fun and interesting day that was also highlighted by lunch at Palm Pavilion directly on Clearwater Beach (not included).

“Winter’s Story
In December 2006, the CMA team was unknowingly about to encounter the most amazing animal – one that would catapult their mission of marine life rescue, rehabilitation and release into the public eye around the world. Winter is likely the most famous dolphin in the world. You may have seen her featured on the NBC Today Show, CNN, BBC, or hundreds of newspapers around the world.

Dolphin Tale (the movie) is produced by Warner Bros.-based Alcon Entertainment and was released nationwide on September 23, 2011. Winter plays herself in Dolphin Tale, together with Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Harry Connick, Jr., Kris Kristofferson and Nathan Gamble.”Image

Transportation to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Clearwater Beach


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One thought on “A Visit with WINTER – the World’s Most Famous Dolphin

  1. The museum part of the tour gives a great overview of what it took for the medical and technical people to combine their expertise to make it happen. According to the experts it is a miracle that the little dolphin survived.


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