2013 Snowbird RV Spring Trip – Florida to Canada


Florida to Upstate New York, Gateway to New England and Canada

Our Next Trip coming soon

We are developing the route for our Spring trip to the North and cooler weather . Google Maps pegs our route at 1,556 miles and doable in 29 hours. Since we are retired with no need to make it an Amazing Race, we may well double the miles with our sightseeing stops and may well take 29 days instead of 29 hours.

We mentioned before that we try to keep our daily road time at 3 or 3 1/2 hours which gives us time to set-up and explore before nightfall. In the past we have stayed two nights or more at every other stop. This time we are going to stretch that a little farther and stay at least 2 nights at each of the campgrounds. We are planning for 10 campground stops in-between our starting point near Tampa, Florida, and our Summer stop near Lake George, NY.

We have been developing our favorite routes North and South and East of the Mississippi. Last Spring we added the New England States to our maps and on this trip we are going to add Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. Each trip, Spring and Fall, we try some new campgrounds and maybe a slightly different route, always looking for the best values in campgrounds, sightseeing, and dining. Then we change the maps and dots on our home page maps to reflect the something better when we find it.

We post daily trip reports as we go and if it may be of interest to you we invite you to hop aboard and travel with us as we share our findings. This trip will have stops and discoveries in Florida, South Carolina (we always have to stop and see what’s new in Myrtle Beach), North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York.  Nine  of the campgrounds are half-price club members. Are they great, or are we subject to “you get what you pay for”? I guess we are going to find that out.

We do have some ideas for places we want to see and things to do, but that can all change when we talk with campground owners and other campers at our destinations. There are no better references than from the locals and others who have been there.

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As always we invite your comments, suggestions, or questions.

You can access a larger, detailed version  of our trip map by clicking on the small map above.

See you on the Snowbird RV Trail,

Jack, Niki and K.C.