Spring 2013 RV Trip Diary – Florida to Canada


Thursday, May 16, 2013
Day1 and 2
Greetings from St. George, SC

We did shove off from our Winter retreat in Thonotosassa, Florida (on the East side of Tampa) yesterday. Niki, the trouper that she is, after spending the weekend in bed and sick from her medication, decided it was time we should be heading North. Yesterday was kind of rough for her but she is doing much better today.

Last night’s stop was “Pecan Park RV Resort” immediately off Exit 366 of I-95 in Jacksonville. We have stayed here several times and call it one of our favorite stopovers. We originally planned to stay at least 2 nights at each stop of this trip but since we started 2 days late and have commitments up the road, by staying only one night at Pecan, and one night at tonight’s stopover, “Jolly Acres Campground” in St. George, we are now back on schedule.

The first leg,Tampa to Jacksonville, took us 205 miles in about 5-1/2 hours. We are trying to stop at least every hour or two for Niki to exercise the new knee per doctor’s orders. Last time at Jacksonville we toured the Budweiser Brewery and if you would like to know more about it, and Pecan Park, we have a page on our website at http://www.snowbirdrvtrails.com/pecanpark.htm with pictures and details.

Jolly Acres has also been a regular stop for us on this route and it’s really a very nice little RV park in the country about 5 miles off from I-95 but easy on and off and we think it is worth the detour. Since we have visited before we also have a page about this park at http://www.snowbirdrvtrails.com/jollyacres.htm. Today‘s run up I-95 was 211 miles and again took us about 5 hours with stops and a lunch break. For lunches we usually pull into a rest area and make a sandwich.

Both campgrounds are half-price, Passport America Parks. We have noted a change at both campgrounds since our last visit. Pecan Park now has a 3 night minimum and 6 night maximum rule to use Passport America beginning on May 1st each year. Jolly Acres here in St George is all but sold-out and filled up with Seasonal campers. In past years there were very few campers besides ourselves but they were telling me that word has gotten around that they are a pretty nice campground. I am happy for them but not for us because we do enjoy it also. Their suggestion is to call before coming to make sure they have a spot open.

From this current campground North it will be an entirely new route for us and we will also be visiting 8 new RV Park/Campgrounds for the first time. We have visited tomorrow’s destination, the Myrtle Beach Area, many times in the past but not the route we are taking nor the campground we have been invited to stay at and review. We also have a couple of shows we are planning to visit for the first time along with some new sightseeing thrown in. We will be in Myrtle 3 nights and our next report will be from there.

On the road with
Jack, Niki, K.C. and B.B.


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