Snowbird RV Trail North, Days 3 & 4 – Myrtle Beach, SC

Medieval Times Dinner Show, Myrtle Beach, SC
A Knight to Remember on the Snowbird RV Trail

About our Meeting with the King
and Good Time Charley on a Harley

We arrived in MB mid-afternoon on Friday. We came in the back way this time from St. George (near Charleston). Good roads, mostly 2 lane, and great scenery coming up Alt 17. This drive was 124 miles and 2-3/4 hours. A short hop of the type we like.

The “Cypress Camping Resort” that we booked for 3 nights is rather a big disappointment after all the hype and the invitation to visit that was extended to us last Fall. We’ll do a more detailed look at this “Resort” on Sunday. We want it to be factual, pertinent and it deserves to be done honestly.

We started getting an inkling of something the closer we got to Myrtle Beach. First, several Hells Angels went roaring by us, then we started seeing more groups of bikers the closer we got to our destination. Lucky us! “Bike Week” in the Myrtle Beach area. Hundreds of bikes, thousands of bikes. All shapes, sizes and descriptions! Their bikes were unique also. There are a good many here at the campground as well but no wild parties (yet) and all of the groups did quiet right down with the 10pm “Quiet Time” rule.

We had to enter into our rush mode when we arrived. Something we try hard not to do very often, but we had tickets for the Medieval Times show and the doors opened at 5pm with the admonition to “Arrive early as seating was on a first come basis”. The house was only maybe 3/4 full so there wasn’t really the need for great urgency.

Niki had “Seeing real jousting!” on her Bucket List, and we have missed it several times at different Medieval Faires due to timing. This was the night! The show is in a castle, of course. Upon arriving we met the King and a number of his Court. Of course we received our own crowns and had our picture taken with him. Rubbing elbows with Royalty! Life is truly grand.

Now, you may ask the questions we asked ourselves beforehand. Was it going to be worth the $50+ per ticket? Was the food going to be any good? Was it all going to be a corny charade? The answers we both came to were yes, yes, and no. It was 2 hours of non-stop action while we dined, 11th Century style without utensils, on a very well prepared dinner of “Dragon Soup” (tomato bisque), garlic bread, potato, “Grilled Dragon” (half chicken & a BBQ rib), and a dessert pastry.

The gist of the show is a gathering of Knights of the Realm meeting to compete in a variety of skills on horseback for the pleasure of the King, his lovely daughter, and a favored group of loyal subjects, us. “Us” were divided into sections, each to cheer on their favorite Knight. The horses were well trained and it was very evident they were well cared for. The “Knights” were all young, athletic, and very skilled at each event. It was all carefully choreographed, of course, but done just as well as any movie sequence or wrestling event. The jousting was the final event with the lone remaining victorious knight called upon one final time to dispatch a scoundrel from a neighboring Kingdom who had come to threaten harm to the King and his family.

After the show, Niki was able to speak briefly with the performer that put his beautiful Lippizan through some intricate maneuvers in a solo performance. It’s quite a sight when one jumps straight up in the air and all 4 hoofs clear the ground.

Speaking of spellbinding performances, that’s what we are off to see this evening. We’ll report back tomorrow.

For more about all of the great things to do and see in the Myrtle Beach Area, visit our Myrtle Beach website at

On the Snowbird RV Trail and lovin’ life,
Jack, Niki, K.C., and B.B.

Midieval Times, Myrtle Beach, SC
A Knight to Remember and a good time had by all

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