Snowbird RV Trail North, Sunday, Day 5 – Myrtle Beach, SC


K& W Cafeteria, Illusions of Magic, Fuddrucker’s, and a Campground Story

Yesterday, Saturday, we stayed busy. It’s nice to have a Camper’s World nearby when you need a part quickly. Nothing major, just an adjustment on our sewer system. CW also happened to be having “Grill Fest” and who am I to turn down a free hotdog!

We had dinner later at a K&W Cafeteria. We discovered it only last year and also discovered we really like the food. It is served cafeteria style with a choice of an entree, 2 vegetables, bread, beverage and dessert. All for about $6.

We had tickets for the evening performance of “Illusions of Magic” at the Palace Theatre. It’s a full scale production with dancers, special effects, elaborate scenery, and the thumping background music. Perhaps you have wondered what became of Ben Blaque and his crossbow after his appearances on America’s Got Talent 2012? Well, now you’ll be happy to know, he is doing okay and is part of this show through its run ending the end of September. What’s a magic show without a white Bengal Tiger? They have one here and he is present for unending picture taking during a loooong intermission.
Niki enjoyed the show much more than she thought she might going in. She says she could have done quite well without the “thumping music” part. The illusions were well done, but unfortunately the magician is not a really good showman. Ben Blaque however is even more spectacular in person than on TV. Shooting the apple on his own head is quite something to watch! They also have a roller skating couple performing gymnastics while skating round and round on what appeared to be a small, 6′ in diameter, raised circle.

After the show we stopped for a really good hamburger at Fuddrucker’s. They make them up fresh and then you dress them any way you want from a large sideboard of toppings.

cypressresort1  cypressresort2

Now, about “Cypress Camping Resort”. It’s located on the Intracoastal Waterway and fairly close to the ocean beaches. Not the easiest to find even with GPS. They contacted us last Fall to inquire if we would like to come check the place out and have two free nights of camping. We told them we would be coming through in the Spring. This month before our trip we emailed them to see if they still wanted us to come. “Sure do!” said they. The rest of the story story began when we went to check-in and they told us our “sales presentation was at 10:30 the next morning” and they would pick us up at our campsite. Now, that’s the first we heard about a required sales pitch and nothing of the sort was ever indicated from the time we were invited to the time we called and made the reservation. I found the office staff rude, haughty, and indignant in their manner, especially for a self proclaimed “Christian campground”. Had we known the true situation we would have probably stayed here anyway to review it and would have politely declined the sales pitch to become “membership campers”. They stopped short of calling me a liar but adamantly maintained that they must have told us. The ensuing discussion doesn’t bear repeating. Both parties agreed that it would not serve a real purpose for us to attend any sales presentation. Putting aside our disagreement, I will be objective in describing the campground itself. The sites are all pull-thrus with concrete pads and full hookups. We find them packed too closely together for our own tastes. Most have small grass-less areas for your chairs and the picnic table. The attached photos show the 10′ section of “sandy beach” and other views of the Park and Waterway. The staff, other than office, have been friendly and very helpful. The campsite price is $44.80/night with the Good Sam 10% discount. The rates are also not readily available on their website.

What do you think, should I have just remained quiet and listened to the sales pitch and then politely have said no thank you?

We have tried several campgrounds in the area and will still rate either Myrtle Beach State Park, or Grapeful Sisters Vineyard & Campground near North Myrtle, as our favorites for the amenities received and the price.

We did tour Huntington Beach State Park this weekend and it has a lot to offer, beach, marshlands, Nature Trails, birds, and gators. We may just park there for a few days next Spring.

Tomorrow we head up the Coast to New Bern, NC getting closer to the Outer Banks.

Thanks for traveling along with us,
Jack, Niki, K.C., and B.B.

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