DAY 6 – Monday Travel Day, Myrtle Beach to New Bern, NC

Moonlight Lake RV Park New Bern, NC
Moonlight Lake RV Park New Bern, NC

The rain caught up with us Monday morning and we were pretty damp inside and out by the time the slide rooms were in and the other preparations were completed. Warm rain though so more of a nuisance than an inconvenience.

The trip was North on US-17 along the Coast for 182 miles. The roads were fine, mostly 4-lane, as we drove in and out of showers. It took us about 5 hours. We take our time stopping briefly here and there and keep the speed under 60. Some of the sights along the way that we remember were the Battleship North Carolina and the big sign at the gate to the Camp Geiger Marine Corps Air Station proclaiming “Pardon our noise – It’s the sound of freedom”. We also passed close by the big Marine Corps Base at Camp Lejeune.

The campground was easy to find. Moonlight Lake RV Park is a very small place but neat and well-kept. It’s pretty much a field with the sites arranged along and around a small fishing pond. Each site is a FHU. There are clean restrooms and washers and dryers available. Perfect for Snowbirds and other RVers passing through and needing to stopover a day or 2. A good bargain at the Passport America price of $16 per night.

Kathy was at the front desk and checked us in. She was a friendly and courteous fountain of knowledge about the area. We always ask where the locals eat and if there was only time to see one thing in the area what would they suggest. Then we expand from there. She suggested several places for dinner in New Bern which is very much a historical little town, and also the “birthplace” of Pepsi Cola. More about that tomorrow.

This area is noted for good seafood and we took one of Kathy’s suggestions to heart and sought out a place called the Sting Ray Cafe. She warned that it was a hole-in-the-wall type of place but the food was delicious. She wasn’t wrong on either point. We dined on fresh scallops, shrimp, and clam strips along with hush puppies, clam fries, fried okra (for Niki), and macaroni salad (for Jack). It was all good.

Reality did set back in at the gas pumps when crossing the border from SC gasoline at $3.19/Gal to NC gas at $3.45/Gal.

Tuesday we plan to do a little sightseeing and maybe find some more good things to eat.

Jack, Niki, and the Kids
On the road in North Carolina

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