DAY 7 – Tuesday, Exploring New Bern, NC

A visit to New Bern, NC
New Bern, North Carolina

We caught the 2pm “Trolly Tour” of historic New Bern. It gave us a nice overview of this historic village from the time of the first settlers who didn’t get on well with the local Indians at all, which caused them to be wiped out, placing the idea of British colonization back a few years. Once a few bugs were ironed out with the Natives, the Town was re-established, grew and became a major seaport and a wealthy center of commerce and politics for many years. The current population is proud of its Town and its history. The historic district covers many blocks of beautifully restored homes, churches and public buildings. Some refer to it as rivaling Colonial Williamsburg. The tour lasted 90 minutes, our guide was extremely well versed and an interesting speaker. We made stops including a church dating back to the British settlers and a Confederate cemetery.

Birthplace of Pepsi-Cola New Bern, NC
Birthplace of Pepsi-Cola New Bern, NC

New Bern is also the “Birthplace of Pepsi-Cola” and after the tour we made sure to stop in to the original soda fountain and have a couple of Pepsi floats. Unlike secretive Coca Cola, the Pepsi formulation is printed on the wall.

We ended the day by driving along the Coast to Bayboro, NC to a recommended restaurant for another excellent seafood dinner.

Wednesday we drive up the Coast to spend a couple of nights in Shawboro, NC near the Outer Banks. We’ll be back to report on what we find.

Jack, Niki, and The Kids
Still on the road, still in North Carolina

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