Snowbird RV Trail North, Sunday & Monday, Days 19 & 20 in Catskill, NY

Brookside Campground, Catskill, NY
Brookside Campground, Catskill, NY

The Brookside Campground, 4952 Route 32, Catskill, NY is 240 miles from our last stopover in Galloway, NJ. We decided to travel through NJ on the Garden State Parkway. Mostly 3 lanes or more going in each direction. Quite a bit of road construction but the delays were minimal and the traffic bearable since it was a Sunday. You can take the Parkway all the way to I-87, the NY State Throughway, but we had heard there were some low overpasses between Exits 131 and 138. I’m sure we would have been fine in the center lane but those old arched overpasses can be intimidating. We opted to take Exit 127, NJ440/I-287 around. The road is lumpy and bumpy but Expressway all the way. I might mention that the tolls totaled $15 for the Parkway from Galloway and the 98 miles to Exit 127. Then it was $12.55 on I-87 to Catskill, Exit 20.

Brookside Campground is in the country 10 miles off from I-87. It’s a nice, small and quiet campground with FHU, 30/50amps, swimming pool, small store and very nice and helpful people running it. There are quite a few Seasonal campers, a number of rental cabins, and many tent sites near a small brook at the back of the property. After setting up we went down the road a couple of miles to a very nice Italian restaurant – “Angela’s”.

Summer at Hunter Mountain, Hunter, NY
Hunter Mountain Ski Trails in Summer green

Monday we wanted to explore this area and were told the Hunter Mountain Ski Area was only about 20 minutes away with great sightseeing, shops and restaurants along the way. Knowing this was a hot spot for city skiers in Winter we figured it would be a nice trip. It certainly was a trip, and one we would not want to make with snow on the ground and icy roads! Route 23A just keeps going up and up with switchbacks, deep drop-offs (and scant guard rails to our way of thinking). As we may have mentioned in the past, high places just do not tend to be our type of places. The area is beautiful with many waterfalls, mountain streams and good sized mountains all around. Before we set out we were given a local map showing several day trip “loops”. To avoid coming back down the same mountain pass we took to reach Hunter, we continued on the 72 mile loop that brought us down a different way. I hear it – you are thinking “wimps”! Okay, point taken, but sometimes we make our best “discoveries” when we make quick detour decisions. In this case, it was dinner in the small town of Windham, NY. A “Mayberry-esque” type place if ever there was one. We had been looking for a place for lunch since we started the trip. We had been told correctly that there truly are all types of shops, motels, restaurants, and other unique places of business on the road to Hunter Mountain. What we did find out is that nearly all are Winter Seasonal places of business and closed in warmer months. Finally, in Windham we found a restaurant, open, named “Michael’s Diner”. More than a diner, and just short of a fine restaurant, we learned that every dish was fresh, made in-house, by the owner/chef. We tried something we had never heard of, stuffed meatloaf. Stuffed with cheese and broccoli. Outstanding! …and the chocolate, chocolate, cake with a thin cherry filling was pretty tasty, too.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, we move 2 hours North to our final stop and Summer home campground in Warrensburg, NY. We are looking forward to visiting with family and our extended campground family, and Warrensburg Travel Park owners and good friends, Karl and Shelly.

We’ll send out one more update from Warrensburg and summarize the facts, figures, and what we have learned from this Snowbird Trip.

Thanks for hanging in there with us. We are so happy you decided to come along,

Jack, Niki, K.C. & B.B.

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