The Pottersville Methodist BBQ Chicken Supper

Chicken BBQ tonight On any given Summer Saturday afternoon in many small towns across the Adirondack Mountains you may detect the aroma of chicken being barbecued in preparation for the local church supper – a fund raising event for the church but also a special date reserved on the calendars of many folks around the area.

Historic Pottersville Mehodist Church
Historic Pottersville Mehodist Church
On this particular beautiful August afternoon we found just such a happening about to take place at the historic Methodist Church in the tiny town of Pottersville, New York.

Manning the BBQ grillThe smiling group of volunteers from the small congregation not only bring great home-cooked food to the party but the friendly spirit of family and sense of togetherness creating an atmosphere that makes all comers feel welcome. The fellows manning the charcoal fires are cheerful and friendly, always ready to chat with kibitzers like us as they go about their duties.

The Pottersville Methodist BBQ Chicken Supper The inside staff minding the kitchen and dining area is a precision team – all with friendly smiles as they go about filling each take-out order as well as delivering a plate to each seated guest. You just know they have done the same on many previous occasions and are enjoying their work. Each plate delivered to the table contains a half chicken, baked potato, ear of fresh corn on the cob, and a dinner roll. Each table has a pitcher of lemonade and one of sweet tea, “with coffee and unsweetened ice tea available on the sideboard”. Each table is also equipped with relish/pickle trays and bowls of home baked beans for passing as well as a homemade cupcake at each setting for dessert.

Your plate at The Pottersville Methodist BBQ Chicken SupperSoon the tables are filled with local folk, parishioners, and assorted tourists enjoying the great food and good fellowship.

No one ever leaves hungry, but everyone leaves looking forward to that next church supper.

The Pottersville Methodist BBQ Chicken Supper
Humble chicken transformed into edible works of art

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