December Update: No More RV Sewer Problems?

SewerSolution water powered RV sewer pump
Making RV life easier

It may be time to toss that 3″ “stinky Slinky” sewer hose and try the 3/4″ SewerSolution replacement?

We are on the road at least six months or more each year and we stay at, on average, up to thirty campgrounds each year.

It seems every campground is different when it comes to sewer connections. Some places have only dump stations. Some have sewer ports either uphill from your connection, or that pvc pipe may be several inches above the ground, or more often than we like, an unreasonable distance from your RV.

This has necessitated that we carry extra sections of the 3″ hose and various connectors that would fit any situation we ran into. This assortment was all carried in a large plastic tub with a cover that took up a LOT of space in our basement compartment.

We started researching the macerators that were on the market. There are a couple of different types requiring connections to the RV’s 12 volt system.

Our research led us to “The Sewer Solution” pictured here. It requires no electrical connection and runs totally by water power. The campground’s water pressure is routed through a small nozzle with sufficient force to shred any material coming from the black tank (providing it is the normal “byproducts” and single ply toilet tissue recommended for black tanks. No foreign objects please!).

Yes, we were skeptical from the beginning though the reviews we found raved about the product and the good job it did. The reviews convinced us to buy it and try it. We did and it does!

Replacing thbe stinky slinky with the water powered SewerSolution
SewerSolution connected to our RV black tank discharge

We connected the pump to a clear, 45 degree swivel connection for monitoring purposes. It works as advertised, will pump uphill, and it back=flushes the black tank and cleans itself after use. Plus you have much less of a storage and hygiene problem!

For more photos and manufacturer info visit our web page at

Disclaimer: We do not sell this product nor do we have
any affiliation with the manufacturer or any of its distributors.
The opinions are strictly our own.

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