It’s almost that time…

Snowbird RV Route South - Fall 2014
Snowbird RV Route South – Fall 2014

We will be on the road again beginning Sept 20th for our next Snowbird adventure heading South. It will be 32 Nights on the road, over 3,000+ miles, through 11 States, visiting 14 Campgrounds.

What do campgrounds cost?
What are Gas prices like State to State?
What kind of mileage will we get?
What are the local campgrounds and restaurants like?

We are going to find out.

If you have wondered if the Snowbird life is right for you, or if you would just like to monitor the trip in our daily logs which we post with photos, statistics, and restaurant & campground reviews – all as we go – please join us.

Come hop aboard and travel with us for a few miles; just click “follow” on our blog page ( ). We’d like to share the journey with you.

For more Snowbird RV Trails see our website at

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