Day Trip to a Saturday Estate Auction

Phil Riner - A classy Winter Haven Florida auctioneer
Phil Riner - A classy Winter Haven Florida auctioneer
Phil Riner – A classy auctioneer

This past Saturday friend Gary and I attended a 9 a.m. Estate Auction in Winter Haven Florida. This meant getting on the road pretty early for the hour drive from Tampa. Doubly early in order to arrive an hour before the start to have a look at what was being sold.

As many of you may know Niki and I enjoy visiting library book sales all over the Country in our travels but we also enjoy a nice auction now and then. 0630 is a little early for the Niki half of our team to be looking forward to a fun day so Gary thought he might enjoy going to his first auction.

We arrived early and had plenty of time to look over the offerings. I do apologize for not having my camera to provide some photos but I figured this would just be a normal run-of-the-mill auction. It was not.

In viewing what was to be auctioned off I noted a number of tables of jewelry and coins which hold little interest for me. I almost left because if this auction ran true to form – or at least as most Northern auctions run – it would be a long and boring day.

At many if not most of the auctions we have attended up North the auctioneer will move one table at a time and every item on that table. If it’s table after table with things you have no interest in the time moves oh so slowly. I am glad I stayed for this one.

Chairs and canopy’s were set up in the driveway and the garage became the auctioneer’s post. Phil’s staff would bring the tables to him and he would alternate between different items on different tables as well as interspersing furniture, tools and lawn & garden items his people would bring out on the lawn area. Everything could be seen from the chairs at all times and it made for an interesting and fun experience. The time flew by and both Gary and I made some purchases we may or may not have really needed.

This Saturday’s experience gave me hope that just maybe they really know how to put on a good auction down here in the Sunshine State.

Kudos to Phil Riner and his team for a job well done!