2014-2015 Winter Break – Recuperating and Playing Games in the Sunshine State

As some of you know we have been laying low this Winter down Tampa Bay way while Niki recuperates from a revision of her previous total knee replacement which did not mend well. This time a different surgeon, a totally different rehab and I am happy to report she is progressing well.

While Niki gets her strength back I have been going over our 2 children’s websites and bringing them up-to-date with the code changes and technological advances that have passed me by since I started my first website back in 1997.

I became interested in seeing what possibilities the ‘Net would have for teaching kids when all there was at the time were pretty much just Atari games converted to the Internet. My skills were limited to having only a love for cartooning plus a curiosity to see how things came to life on the Internet. Thus were the humble beginnings for abctooncenter.com and abclearningtime.com.

As I said I am in the process of re-visiting the games and activities on the 2 websites to see if I might make them more compatible with today’s various computer requirements.

If you have young children, grandchildren or nieces and nephews that aren’t yet into the violence and shoot-em-ups that prevail on the Net today you might be interested in showing them some alternative games that are somewhat educational as well.as just plain fun. Our websites are free to play as they always have been since 1997.

I am also happy to say that we have heard from many Teachers and Homeschoolers over the years from around the World that have found the websites to be useful for their kids.

One of my first updates is from this section of the ABC Toon Center:

Adventure Park for Junior Rangers
Adventure Park for Junior Rangers

Do you have what it takes to become a
There are 6 games in Adventure Park. Play and solve each game to collect a letter. When you have all 6 letters – make them into the word that will allow access into the Secret Junior Ranger Clubhouse to print out a certificate and find other cool stuff. It’s an online, interactive learning experience for young children (and kids of ALL ages). Join Kat and Ranger Jake at http://www.abctooncenter.com/honoroll.htm to begin your quest.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions feel free to send me (Jack) a note to abcadventuretime@gmail.com. I do reply to all emails.

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