We’re into Gizmos, Gadgets & Creature Comforts

Just a couple of ideas that make RV life on the road more comfortable.

There's already enough hard knocks in life!
Hard knock prevention

There’s already enough hard knocks in life – this is one we can eliminate. Just buy some inexpensive “noodles” at a beach supply store or Dollar General (in-Season) -cut a slit down the center with a razor blade and slip them on those sharp, and hard, slide edges.

Motion Sensor Lights
Motion Sensor Lights

When you are RVing and visiting new places sometimes you would like to know what that strange noise might be outside your RV at 3 A.M. in the morning. The lights are battery operated, inexpensive and attach nicely to any surface with Velcro. We have them on our bedroom window and on the windows at the rear of the RV. They shed some light on our nights and lets anyone who strays too close know that we are paying attention. They are waterproof and detach easily when ready to travel.

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