Tin Can Tourists – Earliest Snowbirds?

Tin Can Tourists Christmas Day 1920
Tin Can Tourists Christmas Day 1920

Those sunny Florida beaches have been a draw for adventurers since it was first discovered. What better place to escape the cold Winters up North?

Take some time to visit an Internet Museum webpage we found to see early camping photos and to learn more about these early travelers – “The Tin Can Tourists of Tampa”.

The Twentieth Century Pioneer

“With the arrival of the 20th century, Americans continued in the pioneering spirit of their forebears and took to their automobiles to explore the great unknown. Thousands of Americans packed their vehicles with their tents, an extra 5-gallon can of gasoline, lots of canned food, and a spare tire or two, and began exploring the country in a manner not unlike Lewis and Clark.  They became the symbol of restless, adventuresome America, overflowing with curiosity.  These were the Tin Can Tourists.”

Excerpt from the Tampa’s Tin Can Tourists website –


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