Are You an RVer with a hobby you love?

Maybe you can turn your hobby into an RVing small business you can take on the road with you as we have.

You never know what you'll find!
You never know what you’ll find!

We took our life-long love for finding and enjoying good books and turned it into a small business we can operate quite nicely from our RV,

Every town – large or small – has a library nearby and most will have a book sale at least once each year. Most of the sales are run by volunteer “Friends of the Library” to raise funds to add new books or make needed repairs. They sell the discarded books from the library to make room for new titles. When a call goes out to the community for book donations it will be answered by donations from attics and personal bookshelves from near and far. These donations can add up to 90% of the sale offerings.

There may be gold on those book sale tables!
Will there be gold on those tables today?

As a reader there is every possibility you can pick up last year’s blockbuster from your favorite author for as little as fifty cents or a dollar. It doesn’t take a very large stretch of your imagination to believe another fan somewhere would gladly pay twice that or more to own and read that same book.

Now take it a step farther and see that older books no longer in print (O.P.) command much higher prices – no new copies are being printed. This is where your hobby and books can meet. For instance O.P. golf books from the early pros will interest you and others if you are a golfer. The same holds true if your passion leans toward old trains, planes, automobiles, fishing or cooking for that matter. In short, whatever floats your boat surely does the same for others.

How to find the book sales, how to price your finds and how to store the books you find in your RV are topics we will take up in future posts. If this information is of interest to you be sure to let us know and also be sure to “follow” our Blog and website for more of our adventures.

Jack & Niki
More about our travels on our website at and our “Northwoods Bookshop” at Your questions and comments are always invited and answered.

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