RVing from Missouri to Myrtle Beach to help family – on a budget?

RVi Route Springfield, MO to Myrtle Beach, SC
Springfield, MO to Myrtle Beach, SC

We recently received a request for info from a single retired Mother who wanted help with a route from Springfield, Missouri to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and economical camping when she got there.
This is what we had to say and if anyone can add some suggestions please do chime in.

Q: This is my 1st voyage in my 23 ft RV pulling a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire. Do you have any information on the best roads to take from springfield mo to myrtle beach s.c.? -RR

A: Hi RR,
We always check a route on several different mapping programs and the consensus from all is that yours is a 1,022 mile trip and this is the route most often suggested:
(Use the “+” to enlarge the map and see the routes)

Most of the route is by Interstate so you should have no trouble towing. We have traveled on many of these Interstates though we were usually heading North or South.

Next you need to determine how far you want to travel per day and we will help you with suggested stopovers. Do you prefer commercial (private) or State Campgrounds – or do you just prefer the freebies like Walmart’s and truck stops.

Do you have reservations in Myrtle Beach? We know MB pretty well and It gets pretty tight depending on time of year.

Q: Leaving here about the 19th or 20th (June) and would like to spend the summer to help my daughter out since she just has my new grandson 3 weeks ago and a 7yr old and 22 month old granddaughters. And her husband abandoned her so she is exhausted as a new single mother.

I could really use some help in Myrtle beach and willing to do work. I know there are many private camp grounds but charge up to 80.00 a night. I will use truck stops and rest areas on the way down but would like a place to stay in M.B. no room to stay at my daughters and I’m on a very tight budget. Social security doesn’t pay too well. Lol.

A: We would suggest you contact each of the campgrounds in the area and see if they need a Workamper. Most use help during the Summer Season and workers do come and go. List of area campgrounds:

Secondly, here are 2 good sources for possible Summer jobs in the area. A part-time job could help with the high camping rates:



One additional thought – there are a number of businesses in the area that do allow overnight (not extended) parking:

Jack and Niki

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