RV LIFE ON THE ROAD – Laundry Day with “The Panda”

As much as we try to ignore the growing pile in the dirty clothes bin, there comes a time when the scales have tipped and the clean clothes drawers are pretty much empty.

In the beginning we used the campground’s washing machines and dryers until we started finding all kinds of crusty remnants from the odd dog or horse blankets or sandy beach towels. Most campgrounds try to keep them clean but they really would almost have an attendant standing by 24/7.

We did have fun going to local laundromats for awhile where we met and talked with some seriously interesting people but that also got old and expensive after awhile.

In doing some research in late 2012 we were trying to decide if we wanted our new 5th Wheel to come with the combo washer and dryer or if we would rather have the storage space – the combos are normally placed in a bedroom closet.

The compact Panda washer is perfect for RVing
It’s a Panda!

Enter the “Panda” – it’s a compact washer/spin dryer that we learned about from reading reviews posted on the Internet saying how great they were for people with small apartments and in dorm rooms for the college bound.

Long story short, we bought one in 2013 and its been traveling with us in our 5th Wheel ever since. It’s lightweight, portable and very easy to use.

We fill the washer side half full with water, throw in some clothes with a HALF TEASPOON of laundry detergent (not a misprint!), fill it the rest of the way with water, set the length of time we want for the wash cycle and turn it loose. When this cycle is over we fill with water again and add a half teaspoon of fabric softener and run the rinse cycle. Then it drains easily in the sink and we transfer the clothes to the spin side of the machine and turn it on. It spins so fast that the clothes are just damp when we hang them up to finish drying.

More pictures and info about our “Panda” on our website at

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