RV Repairs On the Road – What can we do?

Say you are in a strange place you have never been before with your RV. If it’s a breakdown on the road, you pull over to the side out of traffic, grab your cell phone and thank the Heavens that your wife talked you into having Roadside Assistance.

What if you are in a campground and you need a repair? Often the Host or Manager can recommend a local RV repairman. If not then if you have the Internet; you always have options.

We recently noted a propane odor and the alarm sounded once briefly. Propane is one system in our RV that I do not attempt to fix on my own.

A good website to have available is “RV Service Reviews.” http://rvservicereviews.com/Index.asp

That’s how we found Tom (Tom’s R.V. Repair) here in the Adirondacks. There are not many RV dealers nearby and truth-be-known we have learned not to place a lot of faith in the dealer service areas anyway. Their emphasis is on sales with fingers crossed that no problems will come back to them.

Tom has 28 years experience in RV repair and actually does warranty work for dealers. He arrived when he said he would, demonstrated that he knew his craft and actually helped me solve a couple of other minor concerns at no extra charge.

Tom's R.V. Repair in Ausable Forks, NY
Tom’s R.V. Repair – Ausable Forks, NY

So, for what it’s worth and the situations we have encountered, we will only use mobile techs for repairs and for any major problems, we take it to the factory for repair.

Speaking of which we will be making a trip to Indiana this Fall to visit the Lippert factory to have a slide realigned. This particular slide was in the shop at the largest RV dealer in Florida for 30 days and they couldn’t fix it.

Just sayin’….

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