2 thoughts on “Just Sayin’

  1. I forgot to ask why you sent this. Was it the low gas price? BJ’s is down to 2.07, I think it is. I almost had an accident on 390 when I saw it at 2.14 before that.

    Sue Puff, Accounting Specialist Please send requests for credits & rebills to
    our group email: East.billingadmin@veritivcorp.com
    5786 Collett Rd, Farmington NY 14425.
    ph# 585-869-0034 fx# 585-869-0096

    This email constitutes confidential and privileged subject matter. Unless you are the intended recipient, delete this email immediately and contact sender at the address above.


  2. We are always looking for the best gas prices when we travel as do most RVers and as luck would have it the prices seem to go up when we start. This time was different and we have seen it as low as $1.79 on this trip. The trips are much more enjoyable when you can fill the tank for $60 instead of $100+ each day.


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