A Listing of 4-Season Campgrounds and RV Parks in the Northeast

As Winter grows closer we should mention our listing of where to find off-season camping spots in the Northeast – New York, Vermont and New England.

4 Season camping in the Northeast
Off-Season RV Camping in the Northeast

A number of our Snowbird RV Trails readers have sent us information about their favorite campgrounds that are open to some degree all Winter. These are the places where the hearty souls – hunters, skiers, snowmobilers and other crazy folk that love Winter can find a refuge for their cozy campers, trailers and motorhomes to enjoy part of those brisk months ’til Spring.

They are not so easy to find and we do thank everyone who has shared in building this list. We also ask that you send us any changes or additions as you find them so we might keep the list up-to-date. That said – be sure to phone any campground before you venture out to make sure they are indeed open and have a spot for you.

Find the complete list (to date) by State on our website at

Happy Winter Camping,

Jack and Niki

2 thoughts on “A Listing of 4-Season Campgrounds and RV Parks in the Northeast

  1. I think I will stay in my cozy house as opposed to a cozy camper, LOL!

    Sue Puff, Accounting Specialist Please send requests for credits & rebills to
    our group email: East.billingadmin@veritivcorp.com
    5786 Collett Rd, Farmington NY 14425.
    ph# 585-869-0034 fx# 585-869-0096

    This email constitutes confidential and privileged subject matter. Unless you are the intended recipient, delete this email immediately and contact sender at the address above.


    1. Oh come on Sue – just imagine – you’ll have the camper fireplace on, the stereo playing softly in the background, a good book in hand, maybe a glass of wine nearby and Reckless The Wonder pooch napping at your feet. Let the snow blow and the winds howl, you’re cozy and you’ll hardly notice the camper shaking.


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