RVing Connecticut to Nashville in January

A reader writes:
I’m hoping you have some advice on selecting the best route for towing a camper from CT to Nashville TN area (1/19-21). Assuming the weather is not a factor, we have 3 routes Google is suggesting. They diverge starting at Harrisburg PA. One route would go the most direct – 81 to Knoxville then west to Nashville on route 40. The others are 68 to Morgantown, then to Charleston, Lexington, Elizabethtown, Bowling Green. The third continues west from Harrisburg on 76, then eventually through Columbus, Cincinnati, then Louisville, Elizabethtown, Bowling Green.
Do you have any advice on which would be the easiest route for towing? I know there’s no choice but to deal with some rather mountainous travel areas, but would like to make the best choice to avoid being a nervous wreck.
Hi D.,

We have traveled all 3 routes and personally I would opt for the I-81 to Knoxville route. We did not care for the I-76 route at all and do travel I-81 regularly.

Watch the weather reports and pull off AHEAD of any storms and sit it out. Don’t wait until the rest areas or truckstops are full.  Icy roads can be a factor and the farther South you get they just don’t know how to handle it well but the sun usually melts it fairly quickly the next morning.

We have a list of I-81 Southbound Rest Areas you can look up on a mobile device at http://www.snowbirdrvtrails.com/mobilelistsouthboundrvrestareas.htm.

Find a list of truckstops here: http://aitaonline.com/
Note: Flying J/Pilot Truckstops are especially considerate towards RVers. They actually appreciate our business.

Have a safe trip and enjoy the journey,


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