Holy Moly! Pirates are invading Tampa!

And it’s not Pittsburgh this time!

These could be the real deal sailing into the Harbor and right up the River and they are coming for you.

Arrrggh! It’s not all fun and games, that is unless there’s something of a swashbuckler deep inside you? Then all bets are off as I fear they (and you?) will be capturing the hearts of this entire City.

They are after our kids first and that’s tomorrow! Read all about it at

The Pirates are coming, the Pirates are coming!

2 thoughts on “Holy Moly! Pirates are invading Tampa!

  1. Did you end up going to this? If so, what was it like? Man, every square inch of that boat is loaded with people! I’m surprised it didn’t sink.

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  2. We did not attend this year, just too far to walk. Best views are on local TV due to the crowds. You would not believe the clean-up the next day, beads in the water, beads in the trees, beads everywhere and they are becoming a big concern for aquatic creatures.


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