7 Important Winter Swimming Safety Tips

Our safety conscious friend Angie has been thinking about “Polar Bear Plunges” and passes along some good info about getting through the frigid months safely. -Jack

Greetings from Sanford, NC!

I write to you today while the temperature outside is in the upper 30s – it feels very frigid to me, but I bet some people would much prefer this temperature to their own!

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about Polar Bear Plunges – with the temperatures dipping, the weather conditions are right. I love the idea behind them (braving the cold for a great charitable cause) but the extreme conditions do scare me a bit. If you’re not prepared for what lies ahead, you may be putting yourself at risk for injury (or worse…).

That’s an issue we can solve through health education, which is why I’m writing to you today. I put together some winter safety resources I found in hopes you’ll share them with your site visitors (may fit well here: http://www.snowbirdrvtrails.com/emailbag.htm):

Be Prepared to Stay Safe and Healthy in Winter

Top Ten Red Cross Cold Weather Safety Tips

8 Ways to Handle Swimming in Cold Water

10 Do’s And Don’ts for Polar Plunges

Warning Signs of Hypothermia

Basic First Aid Resources

7 Scientific Tips for Staying Warm

Let’s get out there and brave the cold, but let’s be safe doing so, too. 🙂

Take care and stay warm!

Angela Tollersons ǀ angelaT@forfamilyhealth.net
http://forfamilyhealth.net/ ǀ A Health & Happiness Resource for Families.
500 Westover Dr. #9372 ǀ Sanford, NC ǀ 27330

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