PART I – WHERE ARE WE GOING – and how do we want to get there?

Planning our next RV trip is a big part of the fun for Niki and for me. We like to travel an average of around 200 miles a day and seldom over 250. We are retired and in no rush. In fact, we normally spend 2 nights at a stopover to explore an area we have not seen before. Our credo is “Last to leave a stopover in the morning and first to arrive at the next overnight stopover.” That’s what retirement is about for us.

We have rushed here and there all our working lives so it’s time to take it a little easier. Our first year on the road, it was all about the destination and one night stopovers – just to get there in a hurry – then we were too tired to enjoy the trip or the destination. There had to be a better way.

Here’s the way we plan a trip.

1. We decide the route we want to take.
We use Google Maps together with our very trusty Trucker’s Atlas.

2. We decide if we want specific stopovers to see specific sights.

3. I use a website simply called “Distance between two cities” to determine the approximate 200 mile daily distances we want to take. It’s really quick and easy once you start using it.

4. How to find the stopovers you ask? We are lifetime members of Passport America so we check there first to see if there is a half-priced campground in an area in which we want to stay. If there is, great, we save some money. If not . . . .

5. We look up an area on RV Park Reviews to see which campgrounds are available in an area. It’s easy to pick a Town and read what is available. If there is not one to our liking, they list other campgrounds nearby (in the lower right hand margin of the page).

Find more tips, tricks and apps on our Planning Page.

Next time –

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