Stopover: Chattanooga, Tennessee

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE – Interesting places we visited on our two night stopover at
Holiday Travel Park, 1709 S Mack Smith Road (I-75, TN Exit 1B)
A nice, neat campground for RVers as well as tenters passing through. The staff is personable, the prices fair and it’s easy off/on I-75. It’s also built on a Civil War battlefield with a marker to prove it.
Holiday Travel Park, Chattanooga, Tennessee
The RV Park is actually where an Indiana Regiment bivouacked before some fierce fighting on Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge back in 1863. There is a path to the stone marker proclaiming such within the Park. More formation about Holiday at our

Jenkins Buffet, 4134 Ringgold Road
Fried chicken, ham, chopped steak and a great selection of all the Southern style veggies like boiled cabbage, fried okra, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, field, green and black-eyed peas, shoepeg corn and homemade salads you’ve been craving. Save some room for the dessert table! Website: http://

The International Towing & Recovery Museum, 3315 Broad Street
Who knew that Chattanooga was the Mecca for all the guys and gals who pull us out of the troubles we get into along life’s roadways. They have 15 wreckers on display from the earliest to the mammoth truck that could  easily handle 70 tons (only four ever built!). We also found the wrecker that set a World’s record for speed and even one of the big green monsters that followed our guys to the Front in WWII. They also have hundreds of old and newer toy trucks.


Some big, bad towing machines at the International Towing & Recovery Museum!


The Wall of the Fallen at the International Towing & Recovery Museum….
Remembering those who have lost their lives doing their jobs.

There is a Wall of Fame….
inside the Museum honoring new inductees each year from around the World.

Both are very nice tributes to the industry.

I found the Museum interesting for a one time visit. It’s more a guy thing and kids would love it, as well as anyone interested in history, trucks and things mechanical.

Niki was not so excited by it?

The Southern Belle, 201 Riverfront Parkway
A Tennessee River paddle boat with a beer & burger grill open on the third deck.

The Southern Belle dockside on the Tennessee River

Traffic on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Sara Lee Bakery Outlet Store (conveniently located across from Holiday Travel Park) was hard to miss so it made it a must! They have a great assortment of breads, cookies and all kinds of chocolate and other fortifying snacks at good prices.

Oh, and there are also several roadway tunnels under Missionary Ridge in Chattanooga which are a hoot to drive through – but be sure to leave the RV elsewhere!

Exploring America and having fun-
from the road,
Jack, Niki, K.C. & B.B.
This trip started on Day 1 –

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