Day Trip to the Essex County Fair

Welcome to the Essex County Fair in Westport, New York

This small agricultural Fair takes us back to another time when the emphasis was on 4-H, farm and families. May it continue forever.

Frank – best friend from my youth – and I met up to go to the Fair and see if much had changed from what we remembered. It was 30+ years since Frank had attended and more than 50 years for me.

I am happy to say that not much has really changed from what I remember. The local Ford dealer is still in the same pavilion as is the local radio station pumping out the tunes. The region’s hopeful politician is set up nearby and glad handing the fair goers he can corral with an eye towards a good turnout in November.

It’s a fine day for a horse race

The horses and drivers were on the track warming up for the harness racing set to begin at Noon.

Everyone’s a winner – a prize every time!

The small midway was open for business with rides, games of chance and

Deep fry it and they will come

plenty of places to grab some of that great Fair food.

Take a lumberjack, an axe and a target….

The Indian River Lumberjack Show was in full swing. Yes, it’s really, really corny but a whole lot of fun for the kids and their families watching. Okay – we enjoyed it as much as everyone else.

The best part for me was visiting the 4-H building to see the projects that the kids had built, grew or nurtured for display in hopes of winning those treasured blue ribbons.

Blue ribbon 4-H winners all

Many were there with the animals they had raised and were so proud of and ready for the judge’s scrutiny.

Awaiting her turn with the judges

For me it was a trip down memory lane with thoughts of when I had my own vegetables on display here – I was a proud member of the Street Road Hustlers 4-H Club.

Makes you feel good to see farming and 4-H kids and small County agricultural fairs are alive and well in rural America.

Some additional Fair photos are on our “Westport” Pinterest page at

Frank checking out the “herd”.

One thought on “Day Trip to the Essex County Fair

  1. Hi Jack,

    My niece just sent me an email about attending their county fair in OH. A couple things she & her husband watched sounded like great fun. There was a dog agility demo. The dogs were all levels of beginner to expert. Sarah said that was much more enjoyable than if they had all been experts. Several kept getting distracted partway through. And there was one dog whose favorite thing was the tunnel—he would run through it every time they got anywhere close!

    The other thing was the pig races. There were supposed to be three pigs in each heat, but on the last one, they couldn’t get one pig to stay in the starting gate. Finally they let him run back to his “home,” and then they had the race with just the two left. Animals are unpredictable—makes things so much more fun!

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