The Sound of Thunder

AMERICADE 2014 Lake George, New York
Lake George, New York

The sound of thunder rolled across the Adirondack Mountains this week as thousands of bikers gathered in Lake George, New York for 2014 AMERICADE June 2nd thru 7th. There are Trikes, bikes, and Spyders of all types with riders ranging from their teens to well into their “golden years”.

The 5 days were filled with benefit rides, tours and scavenger hunts, as well as great musical entertainment, comedy, stunt shows and more.

Cruisin' Main Street Americade 2014
Cruisin’ Main Street Lake George, NY – Americade 2014

All of the big name vendors were on hand showing the latest and greatest, must-haves, riding gear, gadgets and the newest machines.
Visiting the Vendors Americade 2014
Visiting the Vendors – Americade 2014

Lake George is a sleepy little town during the long Winter months but comes quickly to life with each new gathering during this first week of June each year.
Relaxing at Americade 2014
Relaxing at Americade 2014

This is a major Summer vacation and tourist destination but the many motels were filled to capacity and nearly all had their “No Vacancy” signs up for this week.
Good times & great memories at Americade 2014
Good times & great memories at Americade 2014

The weather has cooperated and has been nearly perfect in the 70’s and 80’s all week. The bikes cruised the main drag morning, noon, and night to the delight of the many visitors walking along the sidewalks and visiting the Village shops.
Bikes Lining Main St at Americade 2014
Line up on Main St at Americade 2014

The greatest sight for Niki and me are the hundreds of bikes parked side-by-side the entire length of main street in the late afternoons and evenings. It is really something to see.
The "Wall of Death" -  Americade 2014
The “Wall of Death” – Americade 2014

Everyone comes to enjoy the fun, the bikes, and the camaraderie. There is seldom any of the trouble that is sometimes found at other meets around the Country.

We hope everyone had a great time ’cause we sure enjoyed having you!