4 Season Campgrounds in the Northeast

We had a reader just send in a new addition for our list of campgrounds that are open all year in the Northeast. Our list includes campgrounds in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York State, Rhode Island and Vermont.

View the listings at http://www.snowbirdrvtrails.com/offseason.htm

The newest listing is in Pilesgrove, New Jersey.

If you know of any “Open All Year” campgrounds in the Northeast that we
may have missed please send us a note.
-Thanks, Jack


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Are you a “Trekkie”?

star_tours-600x403The Starship Enterprise has landed in my hometown of Ticonderoga New York! Who knew? I am told it has taken the area by storm and receiving thousands of visitors each year from all over the world. Tour the exact reproductions of the sets from the series. On special dates some tours are led by former stars and original set designers. Ticket prices seem very reasonable and you might consider having a look if you plan to venture into the Adirondack Mountains and the Northeast section of NY State this Summer or Fall. (Yes Virginia, the State does actually extend farther North than Poughkeepsie!) More info on their website at https://www.startrektour.com/

Celebrating Eight Years on Snowbird RV Trails!

We invite all our friends to visit us on Pinterest where we have 37 boards (so far) and hundreds of photos and descriptions of many of our adventures and discoveries from eight years of RVing up and down the East coast – from New England to the Gulf Coast – and from the Atlantic Seashore to the Mississippi River at https://www.pinterest.com/snowbirdrvtrail/. We’ve found our favorite routes, met some beautiful people, sampled some fine Regional home-cooking and seen a little of what has made America the place we are so proud to call home.
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Color it Autumn in New York and the Northeast

Friday was a beautiful Fall day and we took full advantage with a trip to a huge book sale in Shelburne, Vermont,
a stop at the Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area in,
lunch at the famous Bridge Restaurant in West Addison, Vermont,
an Autumn photo-stop at Historic Ironville, NY – Birthplace of the Electrical Age in mining and
a final stop to see the good folks (and the bison) at the Buffalo Farm in North Hudson, NY.
The Buffalo Farm is the place we stock up on their mighty fine Vermont-made corn relish and Amish-made preserves for our upcoming Snowbird trip back South.

An excellent day shared with Niki and regretfully our last weekend outing with our Summer sidekick Brother Ken.

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Autumn in the Adirondacks – Lincoln Pond

New York’s Lincoln Pond Road (County Rd 7C) is an easy and beautiful 16 miles over the mountains between Elizabethtown on Rte 9 and Port Henry on Rte 9N. It’s a winding, two-lane blacktop road in good repair with few houses and plenty of forest that breaks into full bloom each October.

The Autumn road to Lincoln Pond

The route crosses a small causeway on Lincoln Pond.

View of Lincoln Pond North from the Causeway
Eastern shore of Lincoln Pond North
Fishing spot on Lincoln Pond in the Adirondack Mountains
Northern corner of the Lincoln Pond State Campground

The Lincoln Pond State Campground (open Memorial Day to Labor Day) is on a secluded section of the Pond and offers 35 tent and trailer sites with water and a dump station. The campground has a beach, hot showers and boats for rental. (http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/24477.html)

Twists and turns of Lincoln Pond Road – made for motorcycles!

Day Trip to the Essex County Fair

Welcome to the Essex County Fair in Westport, New York

This small agricultural Fair takes us back to another time when the emphasis was on 4-H, farm and families. May it continue forever.

Frank – best friend from my youth – and I met up to go to the Fair and see if much had changed from what we remembered. It was 30+ years since Frank had attended and more than 50 years for me.

I am happy to say that not much has really changed from what I remember. The local Ford dealer is still in the same pavilion as is the local radio station pumping out the tunes. The region’s hopeful politician is set up nearby and glad handing the fair goers he can corral with an eye towards a good turnout in November.

It’s a fine day for a horse race

The horses and drivers were on the track warming up for the harness racing set to begin at Noon.

Everyone’s a winner – a prize every time!

The small midway was open for business with rides, games of chance and

Deep fry it and they will come

plenty of places to grab some of that great Fair food.

Take a lumberjack, an axe and a target….

The Indian River Lumberjack Show was in full swing. Yes, it’s really, really corny but a whole lot of fun for the kids and their families watching. Okay – we enjoyed it as much as everyone else.

The best part for me was visiting the 4-H building to see the projects that the kids had built, grew or nurtured for display in hopes of winning those treasured blue ribbons.

Blue ribbon 4-H winners all

Many were there with the animals they had raised and were so proud of and ready for the judge’s scrutiny.

Awaiting her turn with the judges

For me it was a trip down memory lane with thoughts of when I had my own vegetables on display here – I was a proud member of the Street Road Hustlers 4-H Club.

Makes you feel good to see farming and 4-H kids and small County agricultural fairs are alive and well in rural America.

Some additional Fair photos are on our “Westport” Pinterest page at https://www.pinterest.com/snowbirdrvtrail/westport-new-york/.

Frank checking out the “herd”.

Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour and Ice Cream Shoppe

It all started when 2 college buddies took an ice cream making course and traveled the countryside, far and wide, giving away samples of their new and somewhat unusual concoctions...
Not so long ago we visited a small Vermont Town where once upon a time 2 guys with very little money, a beat-up VW bus and some wild ideas about a tried and true food  icon thought they just might fix something that wasn’t broken.
Join us for a visit at http://www.snowbirdrvtrails.com/daytripbenandjerrys.htm.

A Listing of 4-Season Campgrounds and RV Parks in the Northeast

4 Season camping in the Northeast

As Winter grows closer we should mention our listing of where to find off-season camping spots in the Northeast – New York, Vermont and New England.

4 Season camping in the Northeast
Off-Season RV Camping in the Northeast

A number of our Snowbird RV Trails readers have sent us information about their favorite campgrounds that are open to some degree all Winter. These are the places where the hearty souls – hunters, skiers, snowmobilers and other crazy folk that love Winter can find a refuge for their cozy campers, trailers and motorhomes to enjoy part of those brisk months ’til Spring.

They are not so easy to find and we do thank everyone who has shared in building this list. We also ask that you send us any changes or additions as you find them so we might keep the list up-to-date. That said – be sure to phone any campground before you venture out to make sure they are indeed open and have a spot for you.

Find the complete list (to date) by State on our website at

Happy Winter Camping,

Jack and Niki