4 Season Campgrounds in the Northeast

We had a reader just send in a new addition for our list of campgrounds that are open all year in the Northeast. Our list includes campgrounds in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York State, Rhode Island and Vermont.

View the listings at http://www.snowbirdrvtrails.com/offseason.htm

The newest listing is in Pilesgrove, New Jersey.

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may have missed please send us a note.
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Work Campers – South Carolina is Calling You!

SnowbirdRVTrails.com just received from the Park Manager 3/13/18:

Little Pee Dee State Park is looking for Campground Hosts.
The host program helps run the campground and many day use operations. We are looking for people who want to make a difference and create lasting memories. We are a nice, small and quiet campground right off of highway 95 and a little over an hour from Myrtle Beach. If you are interested, please email James M. Revis at jrevis@scprt.com for more information.
Website: https://southcarolinaparks.com/little-pee-dee

Work Camping Job Posting – North Georgia

Received: 2/14/18
We are a highly rated retreat facility & campground in the North Georgia Mountains. We are seeking dedicated, reliable and committed couples or individuals. We are currently staffing for all positions including front desk, bookkeeping, housekeeping, landscaping, cooking, mechanic, maintenance, construction, carpenter, plumber, electrician, farm operation, & animal care – no camp hosting positions. We are also seeking a qualified experienced management couple.

We operate as an educational, sustainable 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We offer a great working atmosphere and a beautiful nature experience with 4 waterfalls, 5 streams, and certified organic garden and farm surrounded by 1 million acres of national forest at the highest elevation in the mountains of north Georgia. Enota is rated in the top 100 places in the nation for camping. Full hookups or lodging and other benefits are included.

Make sure to visit our website to view our videos including TV specials, property & farm tour, and educational programs for youth to get a better sense of our property.

If you think we may be a good fit for you, please complete the short application on our website. http://www.enota.com/

You can email us at enota@ enota.com

We look forward to hearing from you!
PH: 706-896-9966

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It’s Winter – let’s talk Summer camping!

Jack asks, if you have a minute won’t you come sit by the campfire and we’ll chat? It’s Winter and the perfect time to talk about camping next Summer.

I’ll start. As kids growing up in the Northeast we endured Winter. We couldn’t afford snowmobiles and ATV’s but we made our own fun.

After high school, fun with the Military and entering the work civilian force Winter took on a whole different meaning – like starting out every morning in a cold car, always looking forward to going to work in the dark and coming home from work in the dark. All  while trying to stay warm and keeping the car on the road.

Yes my friend, “cabin fever” can be a very real threat.

But that’s when I learned I had a love for golf!

Well, actually not for the game of golf itself but rather the sunny, blue sky days and green grass venues from where they always broadcast the tourneys. I admit I spent a considerable amount of Sunday time watching them and daydreaming while it was snowing and blowing outside my windows.

I guess at some point in my life I really and truly decided I did not care for Winter at all!

Unfortunately my career was based in the Northeast and Winter was really hard to ignore. It usually begins to slowly creep up on you from every direction and by late February it has taken up entirely to much space in your mind – my mind at least.

Fortunately for the last few years before I retired I shared office space with a like-minded individual named (don’t call me Ronnie) Ron. Ron and I both loved Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Though we vacationed at different times we would spend countless hours each Winter planning the perfect Myrtle Beach getaway – what to see, where to go, what restaurants to try, etc. To make a long story short we spent many more hours planning the next trip than we actually spent going on the trip. You know what though? It got us through the worst parts of Winters.

Once I retired and Niki and I started RVing, Winters took on a whole different meaning. In fact we started looking forward to each Winter as much as the Summer. That of course is because when the leaves started falling we started packing our little home on wheels for the trip South to a warmer Winter, old friends and familiar places.

You may have heard or seen me mention on our website (snowbirdrvtrails.com) that we always took our time coming or going. No quick three days down and three days back for us. At one time we did have to scurry like that but soon decided it’s really not what retirement should be about.

In our travels North and South we normally take a month coming and going. A different route each time and normally different campgrounds in different areas to explore. One motto we have pretty much followed is “Last out of a campground in the morning and first to arrive at a new campground in the afternoon!”

After our first 1,500 mile trip where we spent a night in each campground and put in as many miles as we could each day, we arrived at our destination so tired we were ready to sell the trailer! That’s when we decided that on the return trip we would travel no more than 250 – 300 miles each travel day and spend at least two nights in each campground to explore a bit of the area. Eight years later that’s how we still do it.

That brings us up to today and this very Winter of 2018. No doubt it may be sub-zero and  snowing and blowing where you are. You may be at work, you may be at home snowed in or you may be retired and actually enjoying warmer weather. Wherever you are let’s you and me do some planning and looking forward to the warmer weather to come. You know that time when the snow is gone and you can air out your camper or your tent and get ready for the fun to come.

I know many of you are still working and have to plan your vacation days with the destination in mind rather than the trip. I understand that. We were also there as well not so long ago.

With that in mind let’s just talk about areas and campgrounds past, present and future. We have over 38,000 miles on the road and are closing in on nights spent at 200 campgrounds so far. I am going to start posting some of our favorite campgrounds and areas we have visited in our travels. It may be an area you have visited or that you might be interested in visiting one day. Maybe you know a special place we need to visit near there or elsewhere. Maybe you are thinking about where you plan to RV, camp or visit on your next adventure. What ever the case you are among friends around this campfire and we invite you to join the conversation.

Fellow campers we’ll get through this Winter thing together!

I do apologize in advance for any writing errors. Niki usually edits my articles but I am just winging this one and we’ll talk about whatever makes you happy.

The first campground I would like to bring up that we like is somewhat centrally located on the East Coast. It’s located in Mt Airy, North Carolina and called “Mayberry Campground”. The name is appropriate as the town is the birthplace of Andy Griffith. We have camped there several times coming and going and we find something different and interesting each time. The people are friendly, the food is good and the prices are right.

Mayberry Campground is open year-around and located off Exit 11 of I-74 at 114 Bunker Road, Mount Airy, NC. The campground is gravel, full amenities and has both pull-through and back-in sites. It is a Passport America “half-price” campground.


Before I go further let me say I am not a paid spokesperson for Passport America but I talk about them a lot because we are lifetime members and stay at PA campgrounds at least 75% of the time. The club is not for everyone but if you travel a lot it is definitely worth it (or I wouldn’t be suggesting it.)

Mount Airy and Mayberry Campground are both located on what we feel is our favorite route South from the Northeast.

(Our video pulling into Mayberry Campground.)

Mayberry Campground is located on part of the former 2,000 acre farm belonging to Chang and Eng Bunker, famous Siamese twins of the 1800’s. The twins – forever conjoined – had a prosperous farm as well as 2 separate and prosperous families. They married 2 sisters and had 21 children between them. They kept 2 separate homes, alternating 3 days at each home.


Visit Andy Griffith’s “homeplace” at 711 East Haymore Street. Less than a mile away you’ll find the real “Snappy Lunch” and still making the “famous pork chop sandwiches”. It’s next door to “Floyd’s Barbershop” and “Opie’s Candy Store”. Just a little farther down Main Street you’ll find “Wally’s Garage” and “The Courthouse” with a recreation of the jail set office and cells we remember from The Andy Griffith Show. That’s also the place to sign-up for a real “Andy Griffith Squad Car Tour” of Town in a vintage Mayberry Police Car like Barney and Andy drove.


Not far away you’ll find the Andy and Opie statues in front of the “Andy Griffith Theatre” and the Andy Griffith Museum where they have hundreds (perhaps thousands) of artifacts and memorabilia from Andy’s career on stage, TV and in the movies and as a singer and comedian. The Museum’s lower level has an exhibition of material from Eng and Chang’s life as well.

We do dine out a lot on our trips. We like to find the local “Mom and Pop” restaurants that the locals rave about. You may have seen me mention this before but we have two questions we ask of the hosts or locals at any new stopover – What is the “must-see” thing or place locally that you must show your friends and family when they come to visit? The other question is “What is your favorite locally owned restaurant with great homecooking?” The answers usually supply us with much to see and do on our next day.

If the following sound a tad like reviews it’s because they are. It’s what we also do on our website. We put our own two cents in on the good, the bad and the ugly in campgrounds and restaurants that we find. If we have not eaten there or not camped there we don’t review them. I am happy to say we have only found two of Niki’s “Deliverance” campgrounds in our travels.

On our very first visit to Mount Airy we had dinner at “The Copper Pot”. Real Southern home-cooking served by cheerful ladies with lovely North Carolina accents so thick you almost need an interpreter. Good food and Great people – the feeling is real down-home friendliness.

We also have tried a lunch spot suggested by the campground and backed by many good reviews on the Net. It’s called “Little Richard’s Smokehouse BBQ”. We like BBQ and have sampled it in about every State East of the Mississippi. This place is our new favorite for BBQ done right. Tender and juicy – slow cooked over hickory coals for 16 hours and truly finger lickin’ good. The sides are homemade as well. For sides we both tried the mac & cheese and turnip greens accompanied by a large basket of hush puppies. They have a soft drink – new to us – called “Cheerwine” which is cherry flavored and also tasty as were the warm blackberry cobblers we had for dessert with vanilla ice cream (of course!).

We can also recommend Tlaquepaque Mexican Restaurant & Grill at 2123 Rockford Street. I can’t pronounce it either but it’s a small restaurant with a talented chef. Both of our meals, traditional Mexican combos, were really delicious.

So have you been to Mount Airy and/or Mayberry Campground? What did you like or didn’t like. Did we miss something?

Where are you headed on your next adventure. Come pull up a stump by the campfire. The coffee pot is on and we have your cup waiting.

(To be continued.)

Summary – Fall RV Route South via I-87, I-287, I-78, I-81, I-40 and I-75

On the road again!

Our 2016 Fall migration South is complete after seventeen days on the road – over 1,900 miles through ten States and eight campgrounds we have arrived at our Winter home in New Port Richey, Florida.

The trip was smooth overall and the only really “rattle the teeth”, bumpy stretch was a few miles through Allentown, PA on I-78. We ran into very little construction and no stoppages along the route and we saw only one accident the entire way.

We found the truckers to be very good about sharing their roadway with us. I would mention one thing though – we saw many of our fellow Rvers exceeding the speed limits on the interstates and as a word of caution you might check the speed rating on your tires. We run 14 ply which not only give us the weight capability we need but are are also rated for a lot more speed than we would ever use. The one accident we did see involved a truck pulling a 5th Wheel though we do not know the circumstances.

We stayed two nights each at eight campgrounds coming down. Seven were new for us. As you may have read from our Snowbird Blog reports, we didn’t find all of them to be great values though none were deplorable and all would be okay for an overnight stop. Saugerties was overpriced but you come to expect that near metropolitan areas.


RV route – Northeast to Florida’s Sun Coast

Pennsylvania Dutch, Endless Caverns and Crossroads Travel were Passport America Members (50% discount) and the rest were Good Sam campgrounds (10% discount). They all more than paid back any membership fees in discounts.

If you have followed us for any length of time you know that we love to find new local restaurants along any route and this trip brought some new ones to share as well as a couple of previous winners that we were happy to visit again.

Saugerties Diner surprised us on the first night of our trip and did it well enough for us to visit the second night as well. After the bad experience we had at the remaining HoJo’s Restaurant in Lake George, NY before our trip, we were happy to find this former HoJo still dishing out good food and service to match.

While at our second stop at Pennsylvania Dutch Campground, we felt the 45 minute drive to once again visit the Oregon Dairy Restaurant and Buffet in Lititz, PA to be worth it. If ever in that area you would not be disappointed by stopping in for a bite.

The Adairsville Inn Restaurant at our 6th stop at Harvest Moon Campground was also a special surprise. Nothing fancy, no linen tablecloths nor liveried servers, just plain old down-home country specialties served buffet style and overseen by two sweet, personable and older Southern ladies as charming as they could be. They are only open certain days and times so check with Miss Pam at the campground.


Adairsville Inn Restaurant – Georgia hospitality

The two restaurants we mentioned at our last stopover in Lake Park, Georgia – both The Farm House Restaurant and (if you like good Mexican food) the Rodeo Mexican Restaurant, are worth spending a night or two in one of the three nice campgrounds at this exit off I-75.

After a great Summer spent with family and friends and exploring the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate NY and the Green Mountains of neighboring Vermont, and to cap it off with a safe and uneventful journey back to Florida, to say we are truly blessed would be an understatement.

If you would like to see a quick summary of our trip and stopovers including all of the info about each and a listing of mileages and costs, visit the 2016 Fall RV Route South page on our website.

Thanks for traveling a few miles with us and if you have any questions about this or any of our Snowbird RV Trails send us a note at snowbirdrvtrails@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you. In the meantime we invite you to “friend” us or “follow” us to join our next adventure.

You can also find photos from our trips and explorations on Pinterest at https://www.pinterest.com/snowbirdrvtrail/ or more about us at http://www.snowbirdrvtrails.com/aboutus.htm.

Safe travels and enjoy every trip,
Jack and Niki
K.C., B.B., & Stanley


Until we meet down a future Snowbird RV Trail


Day 15 & 16 – 2016 Fall Snowbird RV Route South to Florida – Lake Park, Georgia – the Florida/Georgia Line

Eagles Roost RV Resort in Lake Park, Georgia

Eagles Roost RV Resort is a short distance off exit 5 at 5465 Mill Store Road in Lake Park, Georgia. It’s only 134 miles from our last stop but we like it so well it’s worth the extra miles to the next stop.

Camping under the Spanish moss covered tall oaks

Located just 5 miles from the Florida – Georgia Line it is a great jumping off point for any destination in Florida.

Why Eagles Roost? We like the tall old oaks that literally drip Spanish moss. Each site has a concrete pad that’s level and each is FHU – 30/50A, water and sewer connections. There is some distance between the sites and the Park is very easy to navigate.

Our “office” is all set up

There is a weekend Flea Market next door, a few outlet shops nearby and a Camper’s World just across the bridge over the Interstate.

Another reason we like the place is its nearness to good food at two places we really like. First is The Farmhouse Restaurant which offers some really good Southern food and their peach cobbler rates a quick 4 stars on our scoreboard.

Good food at the Farm House Restaurant in Lake Park, Georgia

If you enjoy Mexican food then you are in for a treat at the Rodeo Mexican Restaurant less than a half mile away. In addition to daily lunch (and Margarita!) specials, their menu offers some great combination plates that will make you think you have crossed the border.

Truly good Mexican food

Our next and last post of this 1,800+ mile RV Snowbird route will be after we settle into our New Port Richey Winter home to summarize the trip, tally our costs and add some thoughts about this route – but until then ….

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Days 13 & 14 – 2016 Fall Snowbird RV Route South to Florida – Perry, Georgia

Welcome to Crossroads Travel Park

Crossroads Travel Park is located at 1513 Sam Nunn Blvd. in Perry, Georgia
It’s easy off/on I-75 less than ¼ mile from Georgia exit 136. It’s an older park but neat and well maintained. Access roads and pull-thrus are black-top with some grass between sites. Be sure to give your rig’s true size when making a reservation as some transient sites are on the short side. All sites are FHU with 30 Amp electric, water and a sewer connection. Each site has good free cable access and the WiFi – also free – worked well while we were here. The site pads do show wear from years of use and some unevenness but doable. They honor both Good Sam Membership and Passport America (for up to six nights).

Crossroads Travel Park Office/Check-in

The laundry and shower facility is clean. The pool was empty when we stayed here (late Oct).

Crossroads Travel Park shower & laundry facility
Pool and Sites at Crossroads Travel Park

Grillmasters BBQ shares the entrance road and is within walking distance from your camper. The restaurant offers a 10% discount to campers. The area’s most economical gas is also close-by. A Walmart, supermarket and all types of fast food places are just down the street.


Grillmaster BBQ in Perry, Georgia

Not a lot of local attractions but the State Fairgrounds (early October) and Agricultural Center are located in Perry. A drive through the countryside will take you past cotton fields and pecan orchards.

Mall shopping and major restaurants are in Warner Robins about 15 minutes North. The State Fairgrounds and Agriculture Center are just off the next exit South.

Only a couple of negative comments – The young fellow who checked us in was not as affable as the owner we spoke with to make the reservation. He was just going through the motions and was not a good cheerleader for the campground – maybe just having a bad day.


Black-top pull-thru sites at Crossroads Travel Park

The other concern you should be aware of is the sewer connections are at the far end of the sites and it took us three slinky lengths to connect.

That said and aside from the minor “flaws,” the park is a good value and we would stay here again and also recommend it to anyone going this way.

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Day 9 and 10 – 2016 Fall Snowbird RV Route South to Florida – Sevierville, Tennessee

Welcome to Ripplin’ Waters RV Resort

Welcome to Ripplin’ Waters Campground in Sevierville, Tennessee
We’re arrived in Dolly Parton’s hometown!

Ripplin’ Waters Office & check-in

Located on a branch of the Pigeon River, this family campground is convenient to all area attractions. Access roads through the campground are black top. Each graveled site has a grass area with a picnic table. There are pull-through spots with full hookups. Amenities include free WiFi (which is slow) and satellite TV (18 channels) with cable access, swimming pool, bathhouse (showers, commodes, sinks, electric outlets) and when needed, a coin-operated Laundromat and small supply store. The personnel we ran into were all friendly and helpful.

Gravel pads and grass!

This campground is a perfect base from which to explore all there is to see in the connected Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg area. First off this campground is easily accessible from I-40 without entering the extremely heavy traffic of the commercial areas.

Some sites bordering the Little Pigeon River

The last time I visited Pigeon Forge at least 25 years ago it was just a small town and home to a rising Country star named “Dolly”. She had purchased the local theme park and had begun enlisting her family and others to begin building a true fun destination in this corner of the Smoky Mountains.

That was then but much has been added in the 25 years. In this visit we find six lane highways packed with tourists traveling through the three towns to visit the venues, shows and restaurants that line the roadsides from end to end.

So many things to see and do!

Name a restaurant chain and you will probably find a franchise here, as well as country shows, comedy and magic shows and more, as well as some of Dolly’s own stage shows (dinner included!) and the expanded Dollywood Theme Park with added water park.

Our first evening we had dinner at the local Cracker Barrel. Niki has to have her vegetable plate fix every so often. The food is always good no matter what you choose. No wonder so many of us old-timers enjoy going there!

We had planned to possibly see the Hatfield and McCoys dinner theater show (Niki is a Hatfield descendant) but Niki’s cold had taken a turn for the worse with fever, chills and overall just feeling tired and poorly. Instead we opted for a visit to the pharmacy for some recommended fixes and took a day of rest, which we both needed.

The day was sunny and warmer so I took my usual hike around the campground to take some photos. It’s really a very nice campground and we recommend it as a good place to spend a few days when you visit the area.

Bathhouse, laundry and pool area

When you visit be sure to stop by Walmart or any local supermarket and pick up some of the free coupon books. You’ll find big racks in the entryways and avoid spending unnecessary $$$ at the so-called “Official Welcome Centers”.

Ripplin’ Waters RV Park in Sevierville,Tennessee

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Day 7 and 8 – 2016 Fall Snowbird RV Route South to Florida – Fort Chiswell, VA

Fort Chiswell RV Park fills every night

We enjoy our meandering along different Snowbird routes – each trip we take time to explore new places and try to soak up some of the local sights, food and culture. Every single city, town and hamlet has special places they are proud of – they remain hidden if we speed by too quickly – Fort Chiswell RV Park and Wytheville, Virginia are no exception.

Fort Chiswell RV Park empties most mornings

The name Fort Chiswell comes from a frontier fort built in 1758 as an outpost during the French and Indian War. The fort, which was of strategic importance during the American Revolution, was the guard-post over a small deposit of lead used to mold bullets. Unfortunately, they covered over the fort when they built the I-77 Interstate in the 70’s but there are two other significant places worth seeing in the vicinity.

One is BIG WALKER LOOKOUT located at 8711 Stoney Fork Road in Wytheville.
It’s the designated overlook of the Big Walker Mountain National Forest Scenic Byway. This is one of the few accessable places in the east where you have a 360 degree view of the mountain valleys and farm-scapes of the Appalachian Mountains. Big Walker Lookout features the BW Country Store with 25+ artisans & crafters’ handmade works. Big Walker is a historic pass where, during the Civil War, Molly Tynes traveled to Wytheville to warn of the impending Toland’s Raid. It is a Virginia Birding and Wildlife view area and a raptor migration path. Located just 21 Miles from the campground.

Big Walker Lookout

Another place to visit is WOLF CREEK INDIAN VILLAGE & MUSEUM at 6394 N Scenic Highway in Bastian, VA.
The Wolf Creek Indian Village will introduce you to the life led by the Eastern Woodland Indians who inhabited the land 500 years ago. The recreated village is the size and layout of an actual archeological evacuation known as the Brown-Johnston site. Interpretive guides lead you on an exploration of skills needed by the inhabits to survive and thrive.
Located 25 Miles from the Fort Chiswell Campground.

Wolf Creek Indian Village

Just down the road from Fort Chiswell is the County Seat – the Town of Wytheville (with-vil) – with a couple of big attractions worth noting like the really BIG PENCIL located on the Wytheville Office Supply building at 146 W Main Street in Wytheville.

For almost 50 years visitors have made it a “point” to see Wytheville’s Main Street landmark. The late John Campbell Findlay (the original owner of Wytheville Office Supply) had the “Big Pencil” constructed in the early 60’s. Made of metal, it is approximately 30 feet long.

The Big Pencil in Wytheville, Virginia

Wytheville is also the birthplace of EDITH BOLLING WILSON, First Lady and wife of President Woodrow Wilson. There is an Edith Bolling Museum located at 145 E Main Street in Wytheville.

Edit Bolling Wilson Birthplace Museum

Many people are unaware that while she was caregiver to the President when he suffered a stroke in 1919 leaving him partially paralyzed, and though the First Lady publicly minimized her involvement in the affairs of state, her stewardship of government duties earned her such titles as “The First Woman President” and “The Secret President.”

Unfortunately, on this stopover the rain and cooler weather finally caught up with us and especially to Niki’s degenerative osteoarthritis so we were limited on our exploring and picture taking.

We did have dinner the first night at the Denny’s in Fort Chiswell which was mostly forgettable with my bland spaghetti and meatballs and Niki’s “second” so-so chicken avocado Caesar salad (the first came with spoiled avocado and a testy waitress!). We have found Denny’s restaurants can run hot and cold and we wouldn’t recommend this one – though the gasoline from the local Flying J was quite economical.

We’re back home in Bob Evans Country! Many restaurants to choose from in the area but one of our favorite chains in the South is Bob Evans and this being the first one we have found since heading back South, we had to go. We enjoyed a couple of our favorite meals – the service was good – and we also happened to have a 30% coupon to make it all taste even better!.

Bob Evans is the place for me…

Final word – Wytheville is an important point on both I-77 and I-81 and lies amidst a wrong-way concurrency of I-77 and I-81. In the near future, Interstate 74 will go through Wytheville in addition to the two other interstates. (A road “concurrency” occurs when two or more numbered highway routes are signed in opposite, conflicting directions on the same stretch of physical roadway.)

A wrong way concurrency

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