How’s your imagination?

What’s the Story?
Indeed, that is actually what it’s all about. Time to get off the couch, leave the smart phone, video games and ear buds behind and explore the big story that Nature is telling all around us. Do you remember when you were young and a day you just stopped to look up at the clouds to see what shapes they were taking? How many kids do that anymore?

Now what if trees could talk, flowers could bicker and the birds and animals you see could tell you a story? What a place it would be!

In my World they do – you just have to observe closely and listen with your imagination. I’ll try my best to catch them in the act and then it’s up to you to tell their story. It’s quite easy when you try. For instance….

Who is “he”? Is it something good or is it something bad? There is no wrong story it’s just that story from your heart and it’s right on.

Photographs that tell a story!
Each has a title to prompt your thinking and we challenge everyone to tell the story behind the picture. It is the real World yet also a place of Fairy Tales where trees do talk, flowers do argue and the birds and animals are quick to comment on all manner of topics.

There are more examples on our website at “Nature’s Children”


Nature’s Fairy Tales in Photos
by Jack Armstrong


Tampa Bay – Things to do….

Tram Tours Daily
Tuesday – Sunday at 1 pm
Saturday 10 am and 1 pm  
Private tram tours available for 4 or more. Call to make arrangements.

Canoe and Kayak Rentals
Canoes and tandem kayaks are available for rent from the Nature Center for hourly use.

and so much more – visit the Saint Petersnurgh Parks & Recreation website at


Shopping for a Casita?

Passing along a note from an RVing friend of the road:
Laura & Robert’s Casita
Hi There,  Just thought I’d send the Casita Club classified ad to you. If you know someone who is looking for a Casita, we’re selling ours.  Didn’t use it as much as we hoped. It’s in great condition.  We’re relocating back to Southern California from Southern Maine.
Hoping we can sell it. We’ll be back in town in Wells for one week in April to supervise our move, so hopefully we can sell it at that time.  If you’d like to pass this along to anyone you know who is looking for a really clean trailer, feel free!  It’s almost like new.

~Celebrate Hiking in February~



TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott proclaimed February as Florida Hiking Trails Month to promote healthy lifestyles and recognize the economic benefits trails bring to the state. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Florida Park Service invites Floridians and visitors to enjoy a hike along the state’s extensive, nationally recognized trail system this month and throughout the year.

“February is the perfect time to take advantage of the scenic beauty offered by our state’s outstanding system of trails,” said Donald Forgione, director of the Florida Park Service. “Florida’s network includes a combined total of more than 7,000 miles of multi-use and hiking trails and provides access to natural and cultural resources.”

Florida Hiking Trails Month emphasizes fun and fitness along scenic and diverse trails from urban trails in the midst of cityscapes to wilderness trails winding through Florida’s award-winning state parks. Florida’s vast network of trails includes more than 2,500 miles of dedicated hiking trails on public lands and more than 4,500 miles of multi-use trails across the state.

For ideas in planning your own hiking trips, explore the online Trail Guide composed by DEP’s Office of Greenway and Trails or find a trail in one of Florida’s award-winning state parks.

Elkhart ‘Open House’ is Set for Week of Sept. 19

Elkhart ‘Open House’ is Set for Week of Sept. 19

February 5, 2016 by


The 2016 Elkhart RV Open House, one of the RV industry’s two key national wholesale RV-buying trade venues, is slated for the week of Sept. 19 in and around the northern Indiana city of Elkhart. The show immediately follows one of the year’s top retail-centric events – the Pennsylvania RV & Camping Association’s popular Hershey Show, Sept. 12-18 at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pa. The release of the dates for the Open House, originally launched in 2009 as a proprietary Forest River Inc. function, isn’t ordinarily publicized well ahead of time as manufacturers scramble to lease preferential exhibit space and reserve scarce accommodations at motels and hotels throughout the region for as many as 4,000 incoming U.S. and Canadian dealer personnel. And that’s still the case with the Elkhart Open House, which takes place in Elkhart, Goshen and other area towns where fully 85% of U.S. RV production is generated on an annualized basis. In fact, no one in a position to do so would officially confirm the exact dates of what typically becomes one of the industry’s worst kept secrets. But there were hints. “Do the math,” as one manufacturer told “You know that it’s going to be right after the Hershey Show, which ends on the 18th. So, as painful as that might be for all of our people to scramble back to Elkhart right after Hershey, that’s the way it is.”
Source: RV Business

7 Important Winter Swimming Safety Tips

Our safety conscious friend Angie has been thinking about “Polar Bear Plunges” and passes along some good info about getting through the frigid months safely. -Jack

Greetings from Sanford, NC!

I write to you today while the temperature outside is in the upper 30s – it feels very frigid to me, but I bet some people would much prefer this temperature to their own!

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about Polar Bear Plunges – with the temperatures dipping, the weather conditions are right. I love the idea behind them (braving the cold for a great charitable cause) but the extreme conditions do scare me a bit. If you’re not prepared for what lies ahead, you may be putting yourself at risk for injury (or worse…).

That’s an issue we can solve through health education, which is why I’m writing to you today. I put together some winter safety resources I found in hopes you’ll share them with your site visitors (may fit well here:

Be Prepared to Stay Safe and Healthy in Winter

Top Ten Red Cross Cold Weather Safety Tips

8 Ways to Handle Swimming in Cold Water

10 Do’s And Don’ts for Polar Plunges

Warning Signs of Hypothermia

Basic First Aid Resources

7 Scientific Tips for Staying Warm

Let’s get out there and brave the cold, but let’s be safe doing so, too. 🙂

Take care and stay warm!

Angela Tollersons ǀ ǀ A Health & Happiness Resource for Families.
500 Westover Dr. #9372 ǀ Sanford, NC ǀ 27330

RVing Connecticut to Nashville in January

A reader writes:
I’m hoping you have some advice on selecting the best route for towing a camper from CT to Nashville TN area (1/19-21). Assuming the weather is not a factor, we have 3 routes Google is suggesting. They diverge starting at Harrisburg PA. One route would go the most direct – 81 to Knoxville then west to Nashville on route 40. The others are 68 to Morgantown, then to Charleston, Lexington, Elizabethtown, Bowling Green. The third continues west from Harrisburg on 76, then eventually through Columbus, Cincinnati, then Louisville, Elizabethtown, Bowling Green.
Do you have any advice on which would be the easiest route for towing? I know there’s no choice but to deal with some rather mountainous travel areas, but would like to make the best choice to avoid being a nervous wreck.
Hi D.,

We have traveled all 3 routes and personally I would opt for the I-81 to Knoxville route. We did not care for the I-76 route at all and do travel I-81 regularly.

Watch the weather reports and pull off AHEAD of any storms and sit it out. Don’t wait until the rest areas or truckstops are full.  Icy roads can be a factor and the farther South you get they just don’t know how to handle it well but the sun usually melts it fairly quickly the next morning.

We have a list of I-81 Southbound Rest Areas you can look up on a mobile device at

Find a list of truckstops here:
Note: Flying J/Pilot Truckstops are especially considerate towards RVers. They actually appreciate our business.

Have a safe trip and enjoy the journey,


Is Your Airbag on the Recall List

CLICK HERE TO SEE IF YOUR AIRBAG INFLATOR NEEDS TO BE REPLACED.In May 2015, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced it had
reached an agreement with Takata Corporation regarding U.S. national recalls of vehicles with certain types of driver and passenger frontal airbag inflators.

While the recall is U.S. national in scope, the immediate focus will be on replacing airbag inflators located in geographic areas with persistent heat and high absolute humidity. We want to make absolutely sure all of these are replaced immediately.


We strongly urge drivers to use this website to check if your airbag inflator needs to be replaced, and if so, immediately bring your vehicle to your local dealership