Day Trips with the Snowbird RV Trails’ Team

Lake Champlain Ferry between Charlotte, VT and Essex, NY
Lake Champlain Ferry between Charlotte, VT and Essex, NY

JULY 4TH, 2013
The Snowbird RV Trails crew of Niki, Jack, and Jack’s Brother Ken were On the Road Again with an Independence Day Trip to Hinesburg and Williston, both small towns in Northwest Vermont. Jack and Niki are both avid readers and Jack has bought and sold out-of-print books both in his own bookshop as well as via the Internet for over 25 years. Many smaller towns have their annual book sales coinciding with their parades and celebrations. Vermont is no exception and offers some of the best each Independence Day.

The trip through Vermont to our 2 destinations took a little over two hours drive-time – much of it through the scenic farms and countryside on the back roads of Vermont. Driving past the farms of Vermont gives us the feeling, as Niki often mentions, that family farming is still alive and well, especially in this corner of the World. Jack often remembers his Father saying you can always tell whether the wife or her husband rules the roost in the family by looking at a farmhouse and then the barn and outbuildings. Which buildings show the better care.

We arrived in Hinesburg just before the parade kicked off and hundreds were lining both sides of the road to watch the parade. We then entered Williston just after their parade had concluded. State and local police still had the roads blocked and we had to skirt the activities until access to the book sale building was opened once again. It was held in the Central School’s gymnasium and was packed with book buyers and 10,000 books.

After our book scouting was complete, we drove to the local park where the vendors were set-up and Ken bought us all lunch from the Boy Scouting booth, and Jack bought the dessert from another civic organization, fresh and patriotic strawberry shortcakes in red (strawberries), white (whipped cream) and blue (blueberries).

Thompson's Point on the "Gold Coast" of Lake Champlain-Charlotte, VT
Thompson’s Point on the “Gold Coast” of Lake Champlain-Charlotte, VT

Our trip home took us by way of a 3 mile ferry ride across Lake Champlain from Charlotte on the Vermont side to Essex on the New York side.

We made one more stop at the library in Westport, NY as they were also in the midst of their annual Friends of the Library book sale. We can’t say enough about the “Friends” organizations all over the USA that hold the book sales and other activities that help with the costs of buying new books, equipment, and other needed services for their local libraries.

The weather was accommodating though a bit on the hot and muggy side, the majority of people friendly and having a great time, and the scenery was spectacular. The food was good and the scenery was pure country great! What more could we ask for on an American Independence Day!!!

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