Roadtrek Rally at Wilderness RV Resort

Just back from a Meet & Greet Roadtrek Rally at Wilderness RV Park in Silver Springs Florida. Wilderness is located on the eastern shore of the Ocklawaha River and adjacent to the Ocala National Forest. The campground is an icon on Florida’s Highway 40.

Nice place, great people and good food. We spent three nights, had three catered dinners and several meetings. Sunshine State catered a BBQ dinner and brought some Class B’s for us to look over. It is a Passport America campground.

Wilderness RV Park
Restaurant and Sweet Jane’s Candy Store. Both are on the premises. Good food, daily specials at reasonable prices. The Candy is all made in-house including 13 kinds of Whoopie Pies!
One of several ponds in the Park.
A side channel into the main river allows campers to launch their canoes and kayaks.
Reflections on a black canvas. Paddling the wilderness.
The River provides a nice long kayaking adventure to see many species of birds and other wildlife – and it is also bear country.
Our little Sunset Princess stood proud among it’s own kin on this adventure. We sometimes feel a little smaller when parked beside the humongous motorhomes. All part of the fun!
There were quite a number of Class B’s at this Rally.


New Work Camper (rare!) opportunity just received for the Texas Hill Country!

NOTE: This Work Camper position has been filled. Do not apply.

Couple wanted to live free at my beautiful, historical, ranch in Texas, for doing small jobs. 

(Sent to me, Jack, 12/13/18)
My wife Heidi and I own a small ‘Not for Profit, just for Enjoyment’ Game Ranch, where there is
no boring office duties, no ‘running credit cards’ or checking RV’rs in and out, no swimming pools or restrooms to clean, just mainly ‘grunt work’, but Nothing Hard……….

The Following will give you a better idea of what I need done on here.

Again, Thanks,

B.J. and Heidi McCord, Kerrville, Texas

What I expect in my Workamper Couple:

I prefer an Honest, Permanent Couple (for two sets of eyes), to be with us for a good length of time, and, we prefer ‘Home-Bodies’, rather than those that ‘Have to Travel’ all the time, so someone will be here in case something happens & we need you. 

Summer ‘DayTrips’ and even ‘weekenders’ are fine as long as the ‘Duties are Done’, but longer than that is ‘stretching it’.  Winter is Much more ‘open’ for you to travel because there is less we can do on here as the deer are ‘in Rut’ (breeding), then having babies, etc., so we stay Out of the pastures.

I will not have Children or un-trained Yapping Dogs’, because I Will Not have Anything chasing or bothering our chickens, game, and/or other wildlife that live here.  NO Pit Bulldogs, No loud Music, No loud vehicles, or loud people, or Anything Else Loud.

On the small engine repairs, I just need someone who is capable of deciphering problems and get our lawnmowers, chainsaws, or weed-eaters, mowing and bucket tractors running if they fail to, or to be able to ‘tune them up’ if they don’t run right, and maintain them, rather than having to take them to a durn shop to be fixed.  We don’t use them very often, but when we do, we need ’em to run right.

As far as a Carpenter goes, I need a ‘half-az’ carpenter to replace the top deck bannister and floor, and paint on our old home, and possibly give the CampHouse a good coat of Wood Sealer, maybe replace a screen door, etc., etc., etc.

I don’t offer any pay, but just a spacious RV spot in a Live Oak Tree Mott, and I furnish along with the site, electricity, septic, water, and satellite TV.

If the Wifi I have in the house will work, you will have it also, if not we can talk about getting it in.

I need some ‘ranch work’ done, and a few carpentry ‘re-builds’ on our 122 year old home and possibly some painting here and there, but the ‘work’ is Not limited to this.  I have a list of the work, pretty well in the order of ‘Has to be done No, to Later’……

The Axis & White-Tail deer and other animals and birds that call this place ‘Home’, are so comfortable on here, they eat, sleep, breed, and bare their young on here, so we don’t even go into some areas, because it may disturb them and they may move.  I will show you the areas to ‘Stay Out Of’.

You will need to keep us a supply ready of ‘mixed up’ ‘Hi-Protein’ Feed, in 5-gallon buckets, for us to feed our deer with (as my wife Heidi feeds every afternoon), feed and care for our chickens, gather their GREAT eggs for you and I, keep our ‘Live Traps’ baited 24/7 to catch and ‘dispatch’ the predators that kill or chase our defenseless feathered friends, rabbits, and/or deer, then feed them to our poor buzzards at our ‘bone yard’. 

You will be expected to  pick up any trash that may blow onto our fence off the highway, help plant Oats for our deer, mow,

weed-eat and grub weeds in the summertime, pull dead trees to the ‘burn pile’, and be able to fix any problem that arises with the mower or weed-eater engines, and then ‘Winterize’ by wrapping and insulating a few water pipes & water items to keep them from freezing in the winter times, ‘ride’ the West fence and look good for ‘Crawl Holes’ at least weekly & if found ‘Rock Them Closed’, in order to keep Foxes, Bobcats, Raccoons, Hogs, Porcupines, and ‘feral dogs’, etc. Out.

You can ‘Shock’ our pool, clean water filters on our fish tanks, and many other ‘odd things’ that may come up, like trim cedars to widen roads, but be sure to poison any Fire Ant mounds whenever and wherever you see them.

If you get bored, you can ‘straighten’ the items in  the barn, make sure all vehicle tires are up so they don’t go flat & ruin.

I would like to say I want about 22 hours a week, but after you get ‘the Duties lined out’, I really and truly don’t believe this would take over 12 to 15 hours a week to do.  If you see it is taking longer, heck, wait till the next week. There’s No Rush on here!

Remember to NEVER WALK On This Ranch, Away From the Barn-House Areas!  Always drive our old Kawasaki Mules, as the game is used to them, as feed comes out of them, but Please Drive Them Slowly, so it doesn’t hurt them, OR scare our game. NEVER leave the House/and/or Barn areas at night, other than by the main road to the main gate. Please Fuel the Mules up and check the tires for air, weekly.

While doing all of  this, Always Being Aware of Trespassers, or people who are on this Ranch, Uninvited, and be ready to call the

Sheriff if Anyone is  ever seen, which it never has, but …in this idiotic day in time, ya never know………..

Other than that, just sit, relax, and enjoy the Beauty of this ‘Historical old Ranch, and this Portion of the Texas Hill Country’, and

all of the many species of wildlife, that call this place,’ Home’.

If you need to have a job, there is no reason why you can’t get a job in town and still do the few jobs I need done here, also.

This place is Not ‘Work, Work, Work’, it is more like ‘Work a little then relax & enjoy, work a little then Relax & enjoy’.  There is NO hard work here, and Nothing that I don’t already do myself at 78.  Well, other than fix gas motors & replace flooring……..Ha!

Please Understand, this is a ‘Low-Fenced but ‘High Quality Game Ranch’, and in order to keep it as quiet as possible on here & to keep from disturbing our many ‘Game Animals’, that Live Here, we cannot allow you to have guest over here.  We just cannot

have people ‘coming and going’, all times of the day and night.  So, Please meet and visit with your guest in town, and not here.

Now, This Is Not Written in Stone, we are willing to listen if you want someone that is Quiet to stay overnight or even a weekend, and if you want to travel in the summer, we can work out a schedule when y’all and We want to travel, and the other can be here, watching and taking care of our place, and our animals, birds, and fish for us.

Kerrville and this surrounding area of the Beautiful ‘Texas Hill Country’, has many, many beautiful, and historical, areas to visit &

enjoy, and we own a kayak that you are Most Welcome to borrow, if you want to ‘Float’ the Beautiful Guadalupe, Frio, or Sabinal

Rivers’ to relax, swim, or fish.  Just be sure to take paddles, ‘life jackets’ & if you fish, have current Fishing Licenses, to be ‘legal’.

When we ‘travel’ in our RV in the summertime, you will be expected to still get the trash out & pick up our mail, feed our deer, fish,

chickens and song birds, and make sure all of the sources of water are working for them to drink fresh, clear, water, and have everything they need to keep them happy & Extra safe on here, so they will be here when we get back.

There’s Many other things that need to be done that I cannot possibly put down here.  Just keep our place like you would if you owned it and loved the animals as much as we do.

Please Understand: You are an Independent Contractor, so we Do Not collect any taxes out of paychecks for the government.

Again, we prefer ‘Home-Bodies’, that are happy staying here, rather than those that ‘Have the Need to Travel’ all the time.

I have a ‘write-up’ of the History of Kerr County and of the particular ranch that I own, that I will be more than happy to share with you. Just ask me for them.

FYI:  We believe that Donald Trump is doing a Great Job!   If you disagree, please do yourself a huge favor and learn the truth about Trump rather than believe all of the Democratic lies, which as far as I can see, lies are the only thing Democrats Excel at.

After reading this, I would like to hear from you.

Please email me ONLY, at



New Work Camping Job Posting – Hershey Entertainment and Resorts


New Work Camping Job Posting – Hershey Entertainment and Resorts
(Received 11/21/18)
Job Description:
This position is responsible for cleaning, grounds keeping, and providing maintenance to all areas of the Hersheypark Camping Resort.
This is a seasonal position available for the peak season which begins in March, and continues thru the fall/winter shoulder season. This is primarily a first shift position. However, working schedule may include mornings, mid shifts, evenings, weekends and holidays based on operational needs and may vary week to week.
Job Functions:
Detailed cleaning of cabins, bath houses and public spaces
Picking up trash
Cleaning fire pits
Operating lawn equipment to include lawn mowers, string trimmers, chain saws, and hedge saws
General Maintenance
Washing dishes and doing laundry
Other duties as assigned by manager/supervisor
Provide guest site escort as needed by front desk team
Basic Qualifications:
Must be at least 18 years of age or older
Must have a valid driver’s license
Additional Qualifications:
Organizational skills
Positive, professional employee and guest relations skills
Capable of working alone and as a team. Must be a self starter
Ability to handle multiple priorities at once
Ability to understand instructions, both written and verbal
Must be able to clean 6 to 8 cabins within a specified time period
Working Conditions:
Physical requirements include complete mobility and good physical conditioning, good hearing and vision, and ability to tolerate heat
Proper footwear must be provided by employee
Must be able to push/pull/lift a maximum of 50 lbs
Exposure to machinery and lawn equipment
Ability to safely use chemicals in and around the work place meeting OSHA standards
This is a seasonal position available for the peak season which begins in March, and continues thru the fall/winter shoulder season. Working schedule is primarily 1st shift however, it may include mornings, mid shifts, evenings, weekends and holidays. All schedules are based on operational needs and may vary week to week.
Nothing in this job description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time
Hershey Entertainment & Resorts is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Find wage, amenity and application information on the website:
Address questions to:
Alysia Coppula
Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company
27 W. Chocolate Avenue / Hershey, PA 17033
Phone: 717-508-1748



A visit to Florida’s Lake Griffen State Park


As some may know we purchased our new, 2018 Roadtrek Class B this past December but due to some medical issues we were unable to schedule our first trip to check out all of the systems until now. I am happy to report that we did finally get away for a couple of days to test out all systems in our “Sunset Princess” and our shakedown cruise went off even better than expected. All systems operated efficiently with the exception of the on-demand hot water heater which I need to research but with the temps in the 90’s here in Florida the cold water tap was actually warm enough for our needs this time!


Our Class B is a completely self contained 19′ vehicle for camping, sightseeing or escaping the paths of looming hurricanes. It has a generator on board, full bathroom, sofa that makes into a queen-sized bed, microwave, two burner stove, furnace, refrigerator and a 24″ color TV with surround sound. We purchased it because with two bad knees Niki can no longer negotiate a car seat in a standard Detroit automobile. This has swivel seats making life a whole lot better.


We set-up at Lake Griffin State Park located between Ocala and Orlando. Not really a destination Park but serene and quiet especially in the middle of the week. The Park has full hook-ups which is our preferred way to travel and makes a Simplicity SRT our perfect choice.


The lake itself is about a mile from the campground with a canal that connects the two. The campground rents canoes and kayaks and there is also a Ranger guided tour of the waterway probably available on weekends.


The restrooms, shower section and laundry area were spotless, brightly lit and well maintained.


This Park has 40 campsites including seven pull-throughs of varying lengths. All sites have electricity and water and seven have sewer hook-ups with ten having 50 Amp service. We chose site 9 but would recommend sites 10 and 11 as being longer and more spacious and also having full hook-ups.



There’s a beautiful boat ramp, dock and picnic area where canoes and kayaks may be rented. It’s located at the head of a 1,000′ canal that leads to the Dead River which empties into Lake Griffen. There are massive old oaks dripping Spanish moss throughout the Park including a mammoth old oak near the entrance and said to be the second largest in the State.


I have attached some photos taken in the Park. Their are several Nature Trails and the children’s play area includes a swing for wheelchairs that I had not seen before. They do a lot with and for children including camps in the Summertime. We found the staff to be most courteous, conscientious and smiling. It’s apparent they love their jobs.




One of our favorite things is to visit the locals favorite restaurants when we visit a new area. Our first was a visit to the “Original Stavros Pizza Restaurant” nearby in Leesburg at the suggestion of the Ranger on duty. It is a beautiful restaurant inside. Though some of their dishes may be excellent the Italiian subs we ordered were not. They were wet with dressing to the point of puddling and the taste was not up to par.

Another evening we tried the La Palma Mexican Grill and the outcome wasn’t much better. Niki and I both had the Chimichanga dinners. The refried beans had a burned taste and the chicken chimi’s were tasteless. The rice was pretty good. All in all we should have patronized the American Legion Post only a short distance from the campground.

Lake Griffen State Park is located at 3089 Hwy 441-27 in Fruitlnd Park, Florida.


Sunken Gardens – the must-see roadside attraction that may well live forever!

Located in the heart of St. Petersburg, Florida is a leafy oasis and one of the longest running roadside attractions in the Country. In 1903 a plumber named George Turner, Sr. bought this four acre parcel that included an ancient sinkhole and a lake. He drained the lake to use the nutrient rich soil beneath to pursue his love of gardening and ornamental horticulture.
By 1924 his amazing gardens were attracting visitors at 25 cents a head and has continued to this day and visited by tourists from around the World.
Now owned by the City of St. Pete it’s a local destination for school children and tourists to visit as well as the perfect setting for many weddings. It brings a bit of the tropical forest with plants, birds and other animals to this sub-tropical paradise.
I was fortunate to visit The Gardens with our local Photography Club where I assure you there is no shortage of photo opportunities.
It’s a place you might like to add to your “must-See” list when you visit the Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater Beach area. It’s located at 1825 4th Street North in St. Petersburg, Florida. More photos on our Suncoast Visitor’s Guide at -Jack Armstrong

New RV Park at Wind Creek located in Atmore, Alabama – Check these ameneties!

We like to pass along info about new campgrounds when we hear about them and this one sounds interesting for sure. Find their website at We may well try them ourselves this Summer!


We are excited to announce that the new RV Park at Wind Creek is now open!

Every Day • 8am – 5pm
Check-In: 12pm – 5pm
Check-Out: 11am
Daily: $38
Weekly: $211


  • 75ft pull-through RV stations
  • Full hookups including 30-amp & 50-amp power, water and sewer
  • Picnic tables are available at Clubhouse
  • Grills are available at Clubhouse
  • Trash cans are available at Clubhouse
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • 24-hour Security
  • On-Site Dump Station
  • Extra parking available in the casino parking lot


Call (866) 946-3360 to book by phone.

  • Full bath facilities including Restrooms and Showers
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Vending Machines
  • Fenced Outdoor Playground

Shuttle service provided to and from our Casino Resort with access to the following:

  • Gaming Floor (including non-smoking & High Limits gaming areas)
  • Bowling Alley
  • Movie Theater
  • Arcade
  • 6 different casual and fine dining options
  • Pool/Hot Tub
  • Spa
  • Fitness Center
  • Culinary StudioRV Park

*$5 FREE Play valid towards full paid rate reservations ONLY. FREE Play must be redeemed each day at PLAYER SERVICES.



Revisiting Our Favorite RV Campgrounds.

Eagle’s Roost is located just off Georgia Exit 5 on I-75 in Lake Park, GA. Five miles N of the FL Line. Nearby we found good restaurants, a Camping World and a weekend flea market just next door. All this among mighty, old oaks dripping with Spanish moss.

Catch our video at
and “follow” us on FB for more camping fun ahead!

Planning that next RV trip

Our website averages at least one or two emails a week asking us for help plotting an RV route. Usually it’s either someone with a brand new RV or often an RVer just asking for suggestions as they plan a trip into parts unknown to them.

You may have heard or seen us mention before that the only thing we like better than an RV trip is talking about RVing. The problem is that to plan a trip correctly or at least the way that has proven tried and true for us there are a number of questions that need answering up front to do it right.

That being said we have updated our “Planning Page” ( on our website and outlined the steps we take in planning each new voyage into uncharted territory. We always chart it beforehand!

A big part of the fun of a trip for us is the planning. On our page you’ll find all kinds of information and resources that we use to keep our RVing about the fun of the trip and not the worry that can accompany tackling the unknown.

Have a look. If it helps you with your trip planning we’re happy. Many people like to fly by the seat of their pants which is fun for them but that’s just not us.

After you try our suggestions for planning and if you have any questions we’ll be happy to try and answer them. We do answer all emails. You’ll find our email address also on the Planning Page.

Safe travels and always enjoy the journey,

Jack and Niki

Niceties & Necessities – or How to make RV life easier, safer and more fun in a 19′ Roadtrek Simplicity SRT RV!


When Niki and I downsized from a 32′ Fifth Wheel with three slide-outs to a 19′ van we knew there would have to be some adjustments made. What to pack, what not to take? What was a necessity for both safety and everyday life on the road and what would be nice to have if we could fit it in?

We did a lot of research to determine what we needed to add to an already pretty well outfitted camper. The Roadtrek is a totally self-contained vehicle and built to enable owners to go “off-the-grid” and set up camp whenever and wherever the road takes them.

Our Roadtrek has its own generator providing both 12 and 110V current for the fridge roof-top AC, TV/DVD/Surround-Sound and electrical outlets, propane for the range and tank-less hot water heater.  Gray, black and fresh water tanks and both a slinky and electrical macerator evacuator for discharge. It also contains a regular toilet and both an inside and outside shower.

Not much is missing but after eight years on the road we have learned that a few things added makes RV life safer, easier and a whole lot more fun.

We have added a page to our website listing the “Niceties and Necessities” we have researched, purchased and added items made to fit the Ram ProMaster and Roadtrek Simplicity. If you have a Roadtrek or possibly see one in your future perhaps our research may be of help to you.

Click the link, have a look and if you have any questions send us a note. – Jack and Niki