What does it cost to be an RVing Snowbird?

A Snowbird RV Route North from Florida

Niki and I are RVing Snowbirds. Each Spring we feel the urge to be on the road again and heading North for cooler Summer temperatures. Then along about September we begin to feel those Northern nights cooling down and the leaves beginning their Autumn change. That’s our signal to start packing up for our journey South to spend the Winter months in the land of palm trees and warm Gulf breezes.

Our Snowbird RV Route South to the Sunshine State

We have spent the last eight years as Snowbirds and moving our Fifth Wheel with the Seasons. We’ve taken different routes on most trips and have pretty much covered the best North and South RVing routes from the Northeast to the Gulf Coast and Florida, and from the Atlantic seacoast to the Mississippi River.

You probably had many of the same questions we had starting out, like will we be able to afford this kind of lifestyle? Well, we have kept a trip diary from those early days and have been sharing what we have learned both here on our blog and on our website at snowbirdrvtrails.com.

We have a great deal of information on the website including photos, videos, dining & campground reviews, RV route maps, and sections on Workamping, Fraternal (Clubs & Organizations) and Off-Season Camping in the Northeast and how we plan the trips as well as tips on repairs and additions we have found useful for our rig.

We’ve just added a chart that breaks down the actual costs on two recent Snowbird trips. For comparison we show the stats on a quick seven day trip North to spend the Summer Season in the Adirondacks and compare it with a long and leisurely 17 day trip to spend the six Winter months Season at a nice RV Park on the “Sun Coast” section of the Gulf in Florida. You’ll find the mileages and the costs for gas, camping and dining as well as the Seasonal rates at both destinations and our costs for propane and electric.

You’ll also find links to the photos, reviews and trip reports for each trip. As always, if you have any questions send us (Niki and Jack) an email to snowbirdrvtrails@gmail.com and we will do our best to answer you.

Safe travels and enjoy the journey,

Jack and Niki
Snowbird RV Trails

Howard Johnson’s Restaurant, Lake George, NY – Last One Standing!

Lake George, NY

Howard Johnson’s Restaurant (9/16 $39.15)*
2143 U.S. 9, Lake George, NY 12845 (518) 685-3022

We will do our best to be objective with this review. We drove 80 miles one way to visit this Howard Johnson’s Restaurant – truly as their sign says – the “Last One Standing” in the World. We arrived around 2pm and were a little concerned as there were no other vehicles in the parking lot nor other patrons in the restaurant – but then again it was past normal lunch hours.

We looked at the salad bar before being seated to see what it was like as we often just order the salad bar. This one had two sides – one was a small salad bar with a choice of two soups, iceberg lettuce, spinach leaves and only a choice of cucumber, cherry tomatoes and shredded cheese for toppings plus a selection of four dressings.


The other side of the “Bar” – called their “Smorgasbord” offered several warm selections like beans, rolls, spaghetti (that hadn’t been stirred in awhile – spelled “congealed”) and another vegetable. It would not be an option for us.


We ordered from the lunch menu which came with the limited Soup/Salad Bar. The soup choices this day were minestrone and chicken noodle.


I ordered the HoJo burger which was actually pretty good ($12.95) ….


Niki opted for the Famous Baked Macaroni & Cheese ($12.95). The mac & cheese was laughable and looked more like cooked elbow macaroni stirred into a Cheese-Wiz type concoction (and tasted like it as well). The closest it came to being baked was maybe passing by an oven on the way out to our table.


We asked the cashier if they actually ever baked their macaroni & cheese and she acted quite surprised and offered to bring out the “Chef”.

When we were leaving the restaurant we met a couple just arriving that had driven over from Connecticut especially to have the famous fried clams that HoJo was also known for. They will have to wait another day to try them as the restaurant had already closed (at 3pm) for the day as we were leaving.

We enjoy eating out and finding new restaurants, especially the local “Mom & Pop” type in our travels. We can both still remember the Howard Johnson’s of our younger days and unfortunately this restaurant does not come close to what we remember. We have seen a couple decent reviews for their breakfasts – though $14.95 for a simple omelet seems a little on the high side. Maybe we came at the wrong time of day but then again what can you really do to breakfast.

We rate the restaurant at one-star (*). Very overpriced and not a good value for your dining $$$. We did have dessert at Martha’s down the road. Her hot fudge sundaes did make up for a lot.

Find a few dozen more of our completely unbiased reviews of restaurants along the Snowbird Routes at

Counting down the days

We have thoroughly enjoyed our Summer of 2016 in the Adirondack Mountains exploring new places, meeting new friends and enjoying good times and campfires with family and friends. Now – as the leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder – it’s time to think about warmer destinations for the months ahead.


Our Southerly course is plotted and we are anxious to be on the road again to see what’s around that next curve and what is just over that next hill – and we invite you to Hop Aboard and “follow” along with us via this Blog.

Our 1,500+ mile journey begins on October 14th with 7 two-day stopovers planned for exploring (and maybe finding a great new “Mom & Pop restaurant” or two). We should land in our Winter home-base in New Port Richey, FL on October 28th.

As usual we will post reports with photos, reviews and the costs. For us it’s not the destination but the adventure and the new discoveries along the way.

Jack, Niki and our Furry Family Crewmen, B.B. and Stanley

P.S. If you have visited any of our planned stops and have any cautions or must-see suggestions we’d love to hear from you. We’re at snowbirdrvtrails@gmail.com.

Snowbird Journey Complete – New Port Richey, FL to The Adirondack Mountains

Part 2 of our Snowbird Trip North – Indianapolis, IN to Lewis, NY and The Adirondack Mountains is complete. It totaled 25 days and 2,819 miles from New Port Richey, FL to Lewis, NY Gateway to The Adirondacks, Canada and New England.

We have trip reports from the 10 campground stopovers.  There is a summary with costs at the final stopover and additional trip photos on our Pinterest page at https://www.pinterest.com/snowbirdrvtrail/spring-2016-snowbird-trip-north/.

Part I – New Port Richey, Florida to Indianapolis, Indiana
17 days, five campgrounds and 1,034 miles. Photos, costs, links to our Day Trips and other information about the trip and stopovers on the following pages on our website:


Interstate Rest Areas List on I-75, I-64 and I-65 in Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Stopover #1 – Lake Park, Georgia (221 miles)
Eagles Roost RV Resort $32.

Highlights: Good food and a visit to three local campgrounds.

Stopover #2 – Perry, Georgia (131 miles)
*Fair Harbor RV Park – PA $19.50-24.50
* Passport America Campground

Highlights: Memorial Day trip to Andersonville – The Prison – The National Cemetery – The National Prisoner of War Museum.
Previous 2013 Visit: https://snowbirdrvtrails.wordpress.com/2013/10/16/2013-trip-south-days-20-21-perry-georgia/

Stopover #3 – Chattanooga, Tennessee (221 miles)
Holiday Travel Park $39.

Highlights: The International Towing & Recovery Museum and The Southern Belle. More good food!

Previous Visit: https://snowbirdrvtrails.wordpress.com/2013/10/13/2013-fall-trip-south-days-18-19-chattanooga-tennessee/

Stopover #4 – Mount Vernon, Kentucky (222 miles)
*Renfro Valley Creekside Campground $14.50-$19.
* Passport America Campground
Highlights: Pics and Southern BBQ.
Previous Visit: https://snowbirdrvtrails.wordpress.com/2013/10/11/2013-fall-trip-south-days-16-17-renfro-valley-kentucky/

Stopover #5- Indianapolis, Indiana (239 miles)
Lake Haven Retreat
Highlights: Three museums and what else but more good food.

Total: 1,034 Miles

Part II – Indianapolis, Indiana to The Adirondack Mountains

Stop #6 Marengo, Ohio (213 miles)
Cardinal Center Campground $35

Highlights: We found Waldo and Johnny Appleseed and a President –
It was a good day!

Stop #7 Conneaut, Ohio (210 miles)
*Evergreen Lake Park Campground $22
* Passport America Campground

Highlights: Covered Bridges, Beef & Beer.

Stop #8 Campbell, NY (200 miles)
*Camp Bell Campground $16
* Passport America Campground

Highlights: Corning Museum of Glass, Fingerlakes Wine Trail.

Stop #9 Oswego, NY (157 miles)
*Susquehanna Trail Campground $25
* Passport America Campground.
Nice owner, good rate, convenient stopover on I-88.

Stop #10 Lewis, NY (205 miles)
*Magic Pines Campground $15
* Passport America Campground.
Gateway to The Adirondacks, Canada and New England.

Part Two Total: 985 Miles

As always we invite your comments and questions,
Jack & Niki
and our furry kids


Stopover: Chattanooga, Tennessee

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE – Interesting places we visited on our two night stopover at
Holiday Travel Park, 1709 S Mack Smith Road (I-75, TN Exit 1B)
A nice, neat campground for RVers as well as tenters passing through. The staff is personable, the prices fair and it’s easy off/on I-75. It’s also built on a Civil War battlefield with a marker to prove it.
Holiday Travel Park, Chattanooga, Tennessee
The RV Park is actually where an Indiana Regiment bivouacked before some fierce fighting on Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge back in 1863. There is a path to the stone marker proclaiming such within the Park. More formation about Holiday at our

Jenkins Buffet, 4134 Ringgold Road
Fried chicken, ham, chopped steak and a great selection of all the Southern style veggies like boiled cabbage, fried okra, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, field, green and black-eyed peas, shoepeg corn and homemade salads you’ve been craving. Save some room for the dessert table! Website: http:// .jenkinsbuffet.com/

The International Towing & Recovery Museum, 3315 Broad Street
Who knew that Chattanooga was the Mecca for all the guys and gals who pull us out of the troubles we get into along life’s roadways. They have 15 wreckers on display from the earliest to the mammoth truck that could  easily handle 70 tons (only four ever built!). We also found the wrecker that set a World’s record for speed and even one of the big green monsters that followed our guys to the Front in WWII. They also have hundreds of old and newer toy trucks.


Some big, bad towing machines at the International Towing & Recovery Museum!


The Wall of the Fallen at the International Towing & Recovery Museum….
Remembering those who have lost their lives doing their jobs.

There is a Wall of Fame….
inside the Museum honoring new inductees each year from around the World.

Both are very nice tributes to the industry.

I found the Museum interesting for a one time visit. It’s more a guy thing and kids would love it, as well as anyone interested in history, trucks and things mechanical.

Niki was not so excited by it?

The Southern Belle, 201 Riverfront Parkway
A Tennessee River paddle boat with a beer & burger grill open on the third deck.

The Southern Belle dockside on the Tennessee River

Traffic on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Sara Lee Bakery Outlet Store (conveniently located across from Holiday Travel Park) was hard to miss so it made it a must! They have a great assortment of breads, cookies and all kinds of chocolate and other fortifying snacks at good prices.

Oh, and there are also several roadway tunnels under Missionary Ridge in Chattanooga which are a hoot to drive through – but be sure to leave the RV elsewhere!

Exploring America and having fun-
from the road,
Jack, Niki, K.C. & B.B.
This trip started on Day 1 –

On the RV Road Again! New Port Richey, Florida to the Northeast

On the Road Again!
New Port Richey, Florida to the Northeast

Part I – Florida to Indiana
Mapping a route from Florida through Indiana to New England

We have begun our newest Snowbird RV Route North – starting in New Port Richey, Florida to our Summer destination in the Northeast. This time we will be going by way of Indiana to attend an important high school graduation.

We will spend 25 days on the road and travel through Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and New York. This route will take us along I-75, I-64, I-65, I-71, I-90, I-86, I-88 and I-87. We’ll visit 10 campgrounds along nearly 2,000 miles.

If you’d like to follow along with us we will be posting on this our “Trip Blog” every couple of days to talk about the campgrounds, restaurants and other interesting places we find along the route with photos, prices and other insights.

Days 1 and 2 – Lake Park, Georgia
221 miles from our starting point of New Port Richey near Tampa on Florida’s West Coast.

Eagles Roost RV Resort in Lake Park, Georgia

Lake Park is off GA Exit 5 on I-75. There are 3 campgrounds to choose from near the Exit. We had not stopped here before and chose Eagles Roost RV Resort from the good reviews we had read on line. The pull-throughs, full-hookups, paved pads and shady, Spanish moss draped oaks made it an easy choice.

The Farmhouse Restaurant in Lake Park, Georgia

We spent 2 nights to explore the area and were not disappointed. First off we found a really nice restaurant for each evening. The first night we tried The Farmhouse Restaurant at 5123 Mill Store Road. Niki had the breaded Grouper with fried okra and cheesy grits. I had the homemade spaghetti with meat sauce, cole slaw and garlic toast. We both had the peach cobbler for dessert. Both entrees were very good and the sides were well prepared and in large portions (4 Stars for each!). The cobbler, however, was not what we expected. It was more like a “cinnamon cake topped with peaches in syrup” as Niki describes it. They offer daily specials and a decent salad bar (but $5.50/one trip?). With a coffee and an iced tea the bill came to $29.98. Service was very good.


Rodeo Mexican Restaurant in Lake Park, Georgia

The second afternoon we followed a local’s suggestion and tried the Rodeo Mexican Restaurant, 1219 Lakes Blvd. Once again we were not diappointed. Niki chose the Fajita Bowl and I tried a nice sampler plate. We shared a pitcher of tasty lime margaritas and both came away stuffed but quite happy! The tab came to $35.87 with tip.

It’s 5 o’clock in Lake Park, Georgia

We decided to visit the other two local campgrounds to see what we might have missed and to do a dash cam video tour of all three which we will add to our website (snowbirdrvtrails.com) and our You Tube page in the future.

Grassy Pond Family Campground

Grassy Pond Family Camp is actually a Moody Air Force Base Recreation Area but it is open to the public. It has picnic facilities, boat rentals, cabins and a nice waterfront recreation area. The campground has 58 well maintained sites for RV’s.

Camping World Campground Valdosta

We were surprised when we visited the Camping World Campground! We expected perhaps some RV overnight parking spaces around the store but it is a separate yet adjacent complex with a large number of nicely maintained sites near a small pond.


For more pictures, prices and much more info about the three campgrounds, visit the write-ups on our website at http://www.snowbirdrvtrails.com/2016rvtripnorthday1and2.htm.

Next stop Perry, Georgia – jumping off point for the infamous Andersonville as well as Plains, Georgia


ONLY 6 DAYS until we are on the road again! This newest trip will take us from Tampa and Florida through Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and the Adirondack Mountains of way Upstate New York. We’ll be on the road 25 days and visit 10 campgrounds (for at least 2 nights each to explore the area). We’d love to have you ride along with us as for a few miles as we post maps, photos, dining reviews and campground pics & videos as well as costs and other interesting finds. To hop aboard just choose to “Follow”” us here as we will post Trip Reports daily from the road. -Jack, Niki, K.C. & B.B.

Northbound Snowbird? There is a better way – dare I say, a fun way – around D.C!

Take your RV on the water and avoid those Washington, D.C. traffic bottlenecks
It’s that time of year that snowbirds come home (north) for the summer, and if you are ready to take your annual I-95 drive from Miami headed north, you can anticipate traffic snags and delays somewhere close to the thousand mile mark at the Washington D.C. Beltway. This can be avoided by plotting an alternative route to the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, which will allow you to cruise and sightsee through what could have been the worst part of the trip, and cut miles from the trip.Operating 365 days a year, the ferry travels 17 miles several times a day for 85 minutes from Lewes Delaware, where the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean meet, to Cape May, NJ (and in reverse). With capacity for 100 vehicles (RVs included), travelers with cars can expect to pay a reasonable fee while avoiding gas and toll charges, relax on a pristine vessel, have refreshments, and take the dog for a pleasant stroll on deck.Yes, dogs are welcome (and free)! Visit http://www.capemaylewesferry.com to reserve your spot, request special accommodations, and discover some excellent dining, wining, shopping, hiking and biking experiences that are worth stopping for. And visiting off-season is your chance to avoid lines, have the town to yourselves (ergo, in-demand restaurants and hotel rooms with views at a value price).You can also experience:
Day Trips with a Concierge Touch. The Cape May-Lewes Guest Services staff, providing unmatched assistance, will help you plan a variety of daytrips; call 1-800-643-3779 (free of charge). The team provides ideas on its video: http://www.capemaylewesferry.com/daytrips/tabid/1160/Default.aspxCity of Lewes (Delaware). This 17th century town offers antiques, tours, unique shopping and boutiques (no sales tax) all within walking distance. Additionally, casino, wineries, and shopping outlets are in the area. http://www.leweschamber.com/#sthash.TSAAIuYf.dpuf

Cape May (New Jersey). At the nation’s oldest seashore resort, which is a year-round community, enjoy the gingerbread architecture of the town, Washington Street Mall, golf, watersports, spas, dining and the beach. http://www.capemay.com/play/

Beaches and National Parks. A bounty of opportunities to stroll, hike, take a nature walk, meditate, or explore at Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island, Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware Seashore State Park, Dewey Beach Ft. Delaware State Park, Ft. Miles State Park, and Rehobeth Beach, renowned for its boardwalk and restaurants.

Whether snowbirds just need a meal and a break, or would enjoy one more day experiencing unexpected pleasures, before reaching home territory, the Cape May-Lewes Ferry is just the ticket.

For further information about the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, contact: Jen Shivers, (609) 889-7254


Spring RV Trip North – Florida to New England

The following is Niki & Jack’s Trip Diary with the notes, photos, pictures and reviews of the Florida to New England trip we made with our 5th Wheel in April/May of 2012.

Trip Start Mileage: 18,325.2  Date: 4/29/2012   Time:1:15pm

Trip End Mileage: 21,249   Date: 5/23/2012 Time: 2:30pm

Total:2,923.8 miles (Including The New England Loop)
25 Days. 15 States. 15 Campgrounds.

1st Night April 29th/Sunday

From Tampa: 181.6 miles. 4 1/2 hours.

4743 N. US Hwy 441
Lake City, FL 32055
Toll Free: 1-866-773-2267
Phone: 386-752-9131

30 Amp Full Hookup Pull Thru = $ 32.00
50 Amp Full Hookup Pull Thru = $ 34.00

(172 miles from Tampa, FL)
(124 miles to Brunswick, GA)

40 RV sites which include all pull-thru’s, with water, sewer, electric & cable. 30 of them are 50/30 amp, 25 are paved, some are shaded, some are not, depending on what you like. The longest pull thru’s are 120 feet so they can accommodate any type of vehicle.
We have 74 channel cable TV, also rent movies at the office. WIFI available. Dump station, propane sales, clean bathrooms, a beautiful new laundry room, fishing, pool, playground, and rec room.

Only 4 miles from the center of town where you can visit many local antique shops, visit the mall, go to the movie theater, bowling, skating and go to several restaurants.

I-75 to I-10 East: Exit 303 on I-10 at Hwy. 441, exit off I-10 and go North on Hwy. 441 for 200 feet. Entrance is on the left. Going North on Hwy. 441, pass under I-10, 1 mile on right.

Park Website

3 Hrs

Contacted the campground by email for a reservation:
4/24/12 (Answered) All of our sites are full hook up pull-thrus. Just come in between 4pm-7pm for check in. If you think that you will be earlier than 4pm, you need to call me in the morning between 8-10am to get a site # and if you think that you will be past 7pm, call me around 630pm for a site #.
thanks, Lori

Fuel stop @ Pilot, I-10, Exit 343 Baldwin
43 miles East of Lake City

Visit Our Review Page:
All sites are paved pull throughs (70 to 120′ lengths) with full hookups (20/30/50 amps), cable TV, pet walk, pool, picnic table & fire pit on each site, nature trail, laundry, fishing pond, propane and wifi are available.

Area Attractions: Local antique shops, tubing on the Suwannee River, the Olustee Festival, Ginnie Springs, Osceola National Forest, Stephen Foster Cultural Center, Suwannee River State Park and Festival of Light (Holiday Season).

Alternate (2011 Reviewed):
3864 N US Highway 441
Lake City, FL 32055
Local: (386) 752-0830
$18/Night Passport America
3 nights max
Park Website
Passport Review:

2nd Night April 30th/Monday

From Lake City: 121.6 miles, 4 hours.

*GOLDEN ISLE RV PARK344goldenislesb
7445 Blythe Island Highway
Brunswick, GA 31523-6258
(912) 261-1025

*$16/Night Passport America
3 days max

(124 miles from Lake City, FL)
(166 miles to St George, SC)
(7 miles to the Atlantic Ocean)

135 total RV sites accommodating RV’s up to 70 ft. 20/30/50 amp service. Pull thrus and full hookups. Free cable, dump station, TV lounge, cable TV, free WI-FI, tent camping allowed, showers and restrooms, laundry room, fire rings, playground, swimming pool, picnic tables, phone, handicap access, ice, propane, and movie rentals. Covered cook shed, restaurant. Located 20 miles from Darien, GA and 30 miles from Kingsland, GA.

Fran’s Restaurant on the premises. Buffet and daily specials.

Take I-95 to Exit 29 in Brunswick, GA. Go West to 2nd traffic light. Go right at light on 303, two-tenths of a mile on the left.

Park Website

Passport Review:

2 Hrs

Fuel stop @ Flying J, I-95, Exit 29, Brunswick
(Same Golden Isle Exit)

Visit Our Review Page:
Nice people. Popular place for an overnight stop. Easy off/easy on I-95. Spacious, grassy sites. Fairly level.

3rd Night May 1st/Tuesday

From Brunswick, Georgia: 166.9 miles. 4 1/2 hours.

*Jolly Acres Camp & Storage344jollya
289 Horne Taylor Road
St. George, SC 29477-7904
(843) 563-8303

$16 /Night (Sunday-Thursday)
*Passport America, Happy Camper,
Senior Discount

(166 miles from Brunswick, GA)
(139 miles to Myrtle Beach, SC)
(49 miles into Charleston)

Easy to get to from I-95. Nice country setting. Friendly owners. Level, gravel sites, with concrete pads, picnic table, and fire ring. Small general store, and laundry facilities on premises. Quaint little duck pond with a flock of ducks.

Easy driving to Charleston landmarks, sightseeing attractions, plantations, gardens, Hunley, Ft. Sumter, Yorktown, and Lake Marion.

Shug’s Southern Soul Cafe
5792 Memorial Blvd, Saint George, SC 29477  843-563-2300
Owned and operated by Chef Noah Coleman and his wife. They know how to properly prepare the really good down-home Southern staples. They are open for lunch from 10-3 and for dinner from 5pm to 10pm. There are daily specials and a buffet served on Sundays. We both ordered the BBQ chicken special which came with rice and collard greens. All cooked just right and oh so good. Niki says the sweet iced tea is just as good as she makes it. Desserts are made on the premises and we each tried a piece of cake – lemon for Niki and the chocolate cake for Jack. Delicious! A great meal for $30.59 with drinks and tip.

Skynyrd’s Grill & Sports Bar
129 Motel Drive, St. George, SC 29477
Cozy sports bar restaurant with multiple TVs and a Jimmy Buffet atmosphere. Inside and outside seating with a pretty good-sized menu. Their burgers and sides get very good reviews. We ordered a shrimp and an oyster Po-Boy- one with a side of mac & cheese and the other with a side of “chippers” (homemade potato chips). The food and the service both were good enough to rate our 4 stars.

Take Exit 77 (St George Exit), off I-95. Go 5.5 miles east on Highway 78, then 1/2 mile north on Horne Taylor Road. Jolly Acres is on the left.

Park Website
Passport America

Happy Camper Club Review

Park Website

3 Hrs

Contacted the campground by email for a reservation:
4/25/12 (Answered) Yes, we would have a site available for you. check in time is 2 pm. looking forward to seeing you. Beckie Horne, owner.

Fuel stop @ Flying J, I-95, Exit 77
(Same Jolly Acres Camp Exit)

28 total RV sites, all pull through level sites, 20 full hookups, can accommodate RVs with 4 slide-outs, 20/30/50 amp service, WiFi, clean bathhouse, hot showers, laundry, dump station, LP gas, private fishing pond, ice, vending, nature trail, fire rings, grills, tables, picnic sheds, gazebo, playground, basketball, pet friendly, modem hookup in laundry, 24 hour telephone, fax service, notary public, quiet family campground, family owned and operated. Monthly rates available. Mini Storage and RV Storage available.

Visit Our Review Page:
Mostly Seasonals due to the popularity so always call ahead to be sure of a space.. Genuinely nice people who own and run the place. Gravel drives and concrete pads. Delightful duck pond. The 2 fine restaurants we mentioned above are well worth taking a rest stop here.

4th thru 9th Nights Weds, May 2nd to Tues, 8th

From St. George, South Carolina: 181.2 miles. 4 hours.

Ocean Lakes RV Center344olakes
6003 South Kings Highway
Myrtle Beach, SC 29575
Reservations: 1-877-510-1413
Office: 1-843-238-5636

Guests who make a reservation for 90 days or more can deduct the 12% sales tax if they pay for 90 days or more all at one time.
There is a 4 night minimum stay from June 15th and August 15th.

(139 miles from St George, SC)
(188 miles to Sims, NC)

893 transient campsites. The campsites are large, pull-through sites along paved roads. Every site includes: 20-30-50 amp electric, water, sewer, complimentary 70-channel cable TV hookup and a modem friendly phone jack with free local calls. Large concrete pads are available. A picnic table and curbside trash pick up daily are provided for your convenience. Wi-Fi is available at all campsites. Discounts for some attractions available. Pizza & ice cream on site!

Review: The “Good”- A short walk to the beach, paved roads, concrete pads, FHU’s, laundry, big store, oceanlakesrv2and snack bars on site. Staff is primarily Workampers and very hospitable.
The “Bad”- 893 transient sites packed pretty close together, narrow roads but doable with a big rig.
Summary: If you are coming primarily for the beach, this is your place. (Tip- Ask for a site with a large grassy area for a little space.)

Fuel Stop @ Cheap Gas, Wilco/Hess, SC-544, Surfside Beach

(Directions below)

Pricing subject to change, always call ahead.

For more Info: Park Website
Site I50 – Confirmed.

Visit Our Review Page.

361myrtleaThere is simply so much to see and do on a visit to Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach! In addition to the miles of sandy beaches on the Atlantic ocean there are sights, sounds, dining and shows to tempt and entertain you for as long as your vacation or visit lasts. Fun for the whole family 24/7/365.

We have Tickets for:
Good Vibrations
at the Gilmore Theater

Monday, May 7 @ 7:30pm
Section B Row 8 Seats 1-2.

To sum up the experience – A Great Show with all the lively music we grew up with in the “good” years. Beautiful production!


Myrtle Beach Ripley’s Aquarium. We have the tickets and have heard so much about this place. This beautiful aquarium is located at Broadway at the Beach not to far from Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. The Aquarium’s moving walkway carries you through with sea life swimming around and over you. Great experience.

350riozaWe had seating at the Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse for 6pm on Friday 5/4.  We were guests of the Rioz this night and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. My suggestion is to defer eating for a day or 2 before you plan to visit! The salad bar itself is huge and sumptuous. After the salad course we would simply flip the card on our table from red to green and the servers would stop by with skewers of all types of meats and would serve a slice of your choosing.

The Legends In Concert show follows dinner at the Rioz for 8pm. We have confirmation for two VIP seats.350legendsa Beautiful and comfortable new theater. The performances are stunning and reminiscent of the best on the Las Vegas Strip. Close your eyes for a minute and you are listening to the “real” performers, they are that good.

5/5 Saturday 7:30
Palace Theatre Myrtle Beach.
Another show that “Wowed” us. These performers kept us on the edge of our seats throughout the show. Well worth the ticket price.

Directions to Ocean Lakes RV Park:
From I-95N, take exit 115 for US-301 N toward Manning.
Turn right onto US-301 N
After 4.6 mi, Turn left onto S Brooks St.
After 0.3 mi, take the 3rd right onto S Carolina 261 E/W Boyce St
Continue to follow S Carolina 261 E for 2.9 mi.
Continue onto US-521 S/Greeleyville Hwy
Continue to follow US-521 S for12.3 mi
Turn left onto US-521 S/Society St.
Continue to follow US-521 S for 46.6 mi.
Turn left onto N Fraser St, then,
Slight right to stay on N Fraser St
Continue onto U.S. 17B N/Church St
Continue to follow U.S. 17B N for 22.6 mi, then
Slight right toward US-17 BUS N
Continue straight onto US-17 BUS N
Destination will be on the right

10th Night May 8th/Tuesday

From Myrtle Beach: 203.9 miles. 4 1/4 hours.

7030 Rock Ridge School Rd
Sims, NC

AAA Discount

(188 miles from Myrtle Beach, SC)
(161 miles to Glen Allen, VA)

Visit the Wilson Rose Garden, 1800 Herring Ave, Wilson, NC, only 4 miles away. Free admission, and really quite beautiful
On the way back from visiting the Rose Garden we stumbled upon Madison’s Prime Rib Restaurant, 2101 Tarboro St SW, also in Wilson. We went in for prime rib, but instead, enjoyed one of the finest, down-home, finger-licking good, Southern buffets, we have had!

Take 544 (Dick Pond Rd) to 501 to I-95N.
Take Exit 116 from I-95, to a left on NC42W, then take your third right onto Rock Ridge School Road. Campground is 1.1 mile on the right.

Pricing subject to change, always call ahead

For more Info:

Park Website

3 3/4 Hrs. Ask for Site #14. 50amp & level

5/7 By phone:
Site #14 reserved for Tuesday night.

Fuel stop @ Flying J, I-95, Exit 106, Kenly, NC
(13 miles before Rock Ridge stop)

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Nice country  setting. Very few 50amp sites. Some nice large sites, and some are packed pretty tight. Hosts are very friendly. Ask to see the available sites. Nice pool and pond, with resident ducks, and also an ostrich has it’s own pasture adjoining the park.

11th Night May 9th/Wednesday

From Sims, North Carolina: 161 miles. 4 1/4 hours.

Kosmo Village Campground344kosmoc
11197 Washington Highway
Glen Allen, Virginia 23059
(804) 798-6689

Ask about $5 off Kosmo “Club”

(161 miles from Sims, NC)
(167 miles to Falling Waters, WVA)

The campground has 17 sites available year-round with water, sewer, and electric hookups (both 30 and 50 amp). There are 11 pull-thru sites. We can accommodate RVs up to 85′. Free Wi-Fi is available. Up to 4 guests per space, each additional guest is $2 per day. Pets, maintained on a leash, are welcome.


Located 12 miles north of Richmond, Virginia. Easily accessed from Interstate 95 at Exit 89 (Lewistown Road).

Park Website

2 3/4 Hrs

Contacted the campground by email for a reservation:
On Mon, May 7, 2012 at 10:56 AM, Kosmo Village <kosmovillage@comcast.net> wrote:
We have several long pull through sites available for Wed. night. All of our sites have 30 & 50 amp service. If you will arrive between 9am-5pm we can check you in at the office. If you can’t make it during office hours you can call and we can register you over the phone or you can register on the side of the building in the night registration area.
Please call if we can be of assistance.
804 798 6689


Fuel stop @ Flying J, Ruther Glen, I-95. Exit 104
(17 miles North of Glen Allen, VA)

Please note all RVs must be self-contained with their own restroom and shower
as we have no public facilities available.
No tent camping is permitted.

Visit Our Review Page:.
Gravel roads and pads. No restrooms or showers on site. Nothing fancy. Close to I-95 and good for and overnight or two.

Kings Dominion Camp Wilderness
16000 Theme Park Way
Doswell, VA 23047
804-876-3006, 1-800-922-6710
$38/Night – 10% discount

12th Night May 10th/Thursday

From Glen Allen, Virginia: 167 miles. 6+ hours
(Tire blow-out. Roadside Assistance, don’t leave home without it!)

Falling Waters Campsite 344fallwatersb
7685 Williamsport Pike
Falling Waters WV 25419
1-800-527-4902, Local: (304) 274-2791


Call within 24 hours of your expected arrival and they will put your name on any available site.

(167 miles from Glen Allen, VA)
(121 miles to Tremont, PA)

50 sites. Big rig friendly with 20, 30, and 50 amp power at all RV sites, as well as cable TV and free Wi-Fi. Over half of the sites have sewer hook-up and are pull-thru as well.

From I-81, take exit 23 for US-11 toward Marlowe/Falling Waters .
Turn right onto US-11 S/Williamsport Pike.
Park will be one mile on the right.

Pricing subject to change,
always call ahead

For more Info:

Park Website:

3 Hrs

Contacted the campground by email for a reservation:
5/6 – Thanks for your inquiry. We will have a site for you, and all sites have 30 and 50 amp, Wi-Fi, and CATV.

Fuel stop @ Flying J, I-81, VA Exit 323, Winchester/Clear Brook, (23 miles before Falling Waters) also,
(I-81, Exit 5B, Hagerstown, MD)

Falling Waters Campsite is a 50 site RV park that has been owned and operated by the Leatherman family since it opened in 1962. Located only 1 mile from Interstate 81 Exit 23 in West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle, we are primarily oriented to RV travelers looking for a safe, quiet place to spend the night. We are BIG-RIG friendly and have 20, 30, and 50 amp power at all RV sites, as well as cable TV and free Wi-Fi wireless internet. Over half of our sites have sewer hook-up and are pull-thru as well. Tent sites are available in a shady area along a small stream.

Visit Our Review Page:.
Nicely maintained but the roads are rough.50 sites. Big rig friendly with 20, 30, and 50 amp power at all RV sites, as well as cable TV (not always working) and free Wi-Fi (need code). Over half of the sites have sewer hook-up and are pull-thru as well. Try to reserve a site with sewer if needed to avoid driving a block to dump. The transient pull-thrus are nose to tail holding 2 rigs. Clean shower room, and nice RV parts store. Many walnut trees.


From Falling Waters we traveled 106 miles to the Lickdale Campground (now called Jonestown/Hershey KOA in Jonestown, PA to begin the “New England Loop” described on the “Orange Dot Map” page.
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