One-of-a-kind Job Opportunity for an RVer

Can you type 65+word/min or more? Like to try living like a cactus wren under high mountain vistas north of Tucson in exchange for typing a manuscript this winter. Double Rainbows. Ski Mount Lemmon. Boat, fish Apache and Canyon Lakes. Forty miles of lovely, upcountry mountain roads to Tucson. Two hours to Mexico dentists.

Must be able to type 65 words per minute or greater. Must be willing to provide typing 4 hrs. per day Monday through Friday January through March (or equivalent). Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom for one person. If couple, can provide parking, access to water and electricity for travel trailer on secure, fenced site.

References and background checks. Call 403-398-1217. No Email please

More about the area:
Sunshine, vibrant arts, culture and sports mecca. Just the right mix of nature, town and south western, Old Pueblo, hospitality leisure country. Uphill, upscale, atop the San Pedro River Valley. The San Pedro is the only North American river that runs south to north from Mexico to Arizona:.

Sunset over the Galiuro Mountains; SE of San Manuel, AZ
Sunset over the Galiuro Mountains
 “…The San Pedro River is the central corridor of the Madrean Archipelago of “Sky Islands”, high mountains with unique ecosystems different from the ecology of the Sonoran desert “seas” that surround it.
More than 300 species of birds, 200 species of butterflies and 20 species of bats use this corridor as they migrate between South, Central and North America, including the imperiled yellow-billed cuckoo (Coccyzus americanus). More than 80 species of mammals, including jaguar (Panthera onca), coatimundi (Nasua narica), bats, beaver (Castor canadensis frontador), mountain lion, and many rodents; more than 65 species of reptiles and amphibians, including Sonoran tiger salamander (Ambystoma mavortium stebbinsi) and western barking frog (Eleutherodactylus augusti). Remaining native fish species include the Gila chub (Gila intermedia) which is proposed for federal listing as endangered, and the longfin dace, desert sucker, roundtail chub, Sonora sucker, and speckled dace. The flora includes Fremont cottonwood (Populus fremontii), Goodding willow (Salix gracilistyla), velvet mesquite, sacaton, and the Federally endangered Huachuca water umbel (Lilaeopsis schaffneriana spp. recurva)…” (Wikipedia).
Ecology inclined retirees/field naturalists, academic researchers; evening scented primrose, wild boar, jaguar and panther trackers, bird callers and fishers. Hunters. Pro, pro, pro back roads enthusiasts. Travelling nurses and teachers. Sunshine, vibrant arts, culture, hunting and sports mecca.
Received by: J Armstrong/ 8/19/16

Ahoy Snowbirds! Winter fun ahead….

Learn to build your own fishing kayak
Bedard Yacht Design in Tarpon Springs sells DIY boat kits & plans but now also offers Boat-Building Workshops and Build-Along. The workshops are evening classes intended as a leisurely and fun introduction to small-boat building. The students will collectively build a fishing kayak kit for hands-on experience.

The Build-Along is a 40-hour/one-week seminar where each student builds his/her own boat under the guidance of an instructor.

Classes: Oct 16, Dec 16, Jan 17, Feb 17 & Mar 17
Registration: 727-488-4573
or visit us at:

News Release to 8/18/16

Snowbird Journey Complete – New Port Richey, FL to The Adirondack Mountains

Part 2 of our Snowbird Trip North – Indianapolis, IN to Lewis, NY and The Adirondack Mountains is complete. It totaled 25 days and 2,819 miles from New Port Richey, FL to Lewis, NY Gateway to The Adirondacks, Canada and New England.

We have trip reports from the 10 campground stopovers.  There is a summary with costs at the final stopover and additional trip photos on our Pinterest page at

Part I – New Port Richey, Florida to Indianapolis, Indiana
17 days, five campgrounds and 1,034 miles. Photos, costs, links to our Day Trips and other information about the trip and stopovers on the following pages on our website:


Interstate Rest Areas List on I-75, I-64 and I-65 in Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Stopover #1 – Lake Park, Georgia (221 miles)
Eagles Roost RV Resort $32.

Highlights: Good food and a visit to three local campgrounds.

Stopover #2 – Perry, Georgia (131 miles)
*Fair Harbor RV Park – PA $19.50-24.50
* Passport America Campground

Highlights: Memorial Day trip to Andersonville – The Prison – The National Cemetery – The National Prisoner of War Museum.
Previous 2013 Visit:

Stopover #3 – Chattanooga, Tennessee (221 miles)
Holiday Travel Park $39.

Highlights: The International Towing & Recovery Museum and The Southern Belle. More good food!

Previous Visit:

Stopover #4 – Mount Vernon, Kentucky (222 miles)
*Renfro Valley Creekside Campground $14.50-$19.
* Passport America Campground
Highlights: Pics and Southern BBQ.
Previous Visit:

Stopover #5- Indianapolis, Indiana (239 miles)
Lake Haven Retreat
Highlights: Three museums and what else but more good food.

Total: 1,034 Miles

Part II – Indianapolis, Indiana to The Adirondack Mountains

Stop #6 Marengo, Ohio (213 miles)
Cardinal Center Campground $35

Highlights: We found Waldo and Johnny Appleseed and a President –
It was a good day!

Stop #7 Conneaut, Ohio (210 miles)
*Evergreen Lake Park Campground $22
* Passport America Campground

Highlights: Covered Bridges, Beef & Beer.

Stop #8 Campbell, NY (200 miles)
*Camp Bell Campground $16
* Passport America Campground

Highlights: Corning Museum of Glass, Fingerlakes Wine Trail.

Stop #9 Oswego, NY (157 miles)
*Susquehanna Trail Campground $25
* Passport America Campground.
Nice owner, good rate, convenient stopover on I-88.

Stop #10 Lewis, NY (205 miles)
*Magic Pines Campground $15
* Passport America Campground.
Gateway to The Adirondacks, Canada and New England.

Part Two Total: 985 Miles

As always we invite your comments and questions,
Jack & Niki
and our furry kids


We found Waldo and Johnny Appleseed and a President – It was a good day!

Exploring America in and around Marengo, Ohio!

When we stopover for a couple of nights at a campground, we always ask about any favorite local Mom & Pop restaurants and also what the locals like to show off proudly to  their family and friends when they come to visit.

When we stopped at our current location in Marengo, Ohio those questions were met at check-in with thoughtful silence and then we were finally told that this is farming country and there really wasn’t anything worth seeing or even any special restaurant for that matter. Niki and I aren’t known for taking “No” or “can’t” for an answer so we set the trailer up and headed South down the country road to see what there was to see. Well, our hostess was correct; there certainly are miles of farm land to be seen. After about 10 miles we were ready to give up when we came upon a small village with an honest to goodness village square that Northeasters would be proud of. Things were looking up!

On the Square – Sunbury, Ohio

As we went around the square we saw one side of the square was filled with cars. Almost all parking spaces were occupied. What are we missing here? Scanning the row of businesses we spotted an insurance agency, a real estate agency, a pizza parlor and a Chinese restaurant. However the comings and goings seemed to be centered on The Firehouse Tavern!

The Firehouse Tavern – Sunbury, Ohio

We are not normally tavern frequenters but The Firehouse Tavern is where it’s happening in Sunbury, Ohio (population: 4,715). The place was packed but we did find a table. The decor was definitely early firehouse with the wall photos, flags and uniforms along one wall. Monday is kids eat free night so there was a goodly quantity of tykes and parents. The place had a sports bar country feel to it – loud and a hometown happy place. The servers were cheerful and welcoming and the food was very good. Niki had a Greek salad plate. I had the house special mac and cheese with a couple of sides and we shared a slice of chocolate cake for dessert.

Johnny Appleseed on the Town Square

After leaving the restaurant I decided to give the Town Square a closer look and found Johnny Appleseed on the lawn near the county building. Apparently Johnny would pass through the area nearly every year to check on and tend to any apple trees he had planted.

We found Waldo!

The next day we decided to follow the road North and visit Marion, Ohio. On the way we found “Waldo”. I doubt if the townspeople in Waldo, Ohio ever really noticed it was missing.

Warren G. Harding Home in Marion. Ohio

Marion,  Ohio is where Warren G. Harding lived with wife Florence for 30 years before becoming our 29th President in 1920. During the three month Republican campaign over 600,000 people – including movie stars and pro baseball players – visited the front porch portico to hear speeches speeches, for photo opps and newsreel filming. The building at right, rear was “The Press House” built as office space for newsmen of the time from all over the Country.

Mobile Voting Booth

Also on the property is an example of a Mobile Voting Booth used on Midwest election days from 1880 – 1930.

After President Harding’s death, his wife willed ownership of their home and contents to the Harding Memorial Association. The home, as a museum, opened in 1926 until today. Unfortunately, the home is closed on Tuesdays – when we were there and we could only see the outside.


A short way from the home is the circular marble memorial located on 10 manicured acres where President Harding and his wife are buried. Though Harding was very popular when he died by the time the Memorial was finished his shenanigans had made him very unpopular and they had a hard time finding a dignitary to dedicate it. Finally, it is said that President Hoover gave in and did the dedication.


We had lunch at Pesto Quick Italian in Marion, which we found through some good reviews on the Net. We weren’t disappointed. They put together pasta bowls with toppings you choose, much like they do subs at Subway. Mine was a sausage pasta bowl with half marinara and half Alfredo with sausage, peppers, onions and sun-dried tomatoes. Niki chose a carbonara bowl and a small bowl of Italian Wedding soup. Thumbs up on all from both of us.

Who says there is nothing to see or do around Marengo, Ohio? There is always something either just down the road or around the next corner that’s worth your time for a visit – it’s America.

On the RV road with Niki, Jack and our Furry Kids

On the RV Road Again! New Port Richey, Florida to the Northeast

On the Road Again!
New Port Richey, Florida to the Northeast

Part I – Florida to Indiana
Mapping a route from Florida through Indiana to New England

We have begun our newest Snowbird RV Route North – starting in New Port Richey, Florida to our Summer destination in the Northeast. This time we will be going by way of Indiana to attend an important high school graduation.

We will spend 25 days on the road and travel through Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and New York. This route will take us along I-75, I-64, I-65, I-71, I-90, I-86, I-88 and I-87. We’ll visit 10 campgrounds along nearly 2,000 miles.

If you’d like to follow along with us we will be posting on this our “Trip Blog” every couple of days to talk about the campgrounds, restaurants and other interesting places we find along the route with photos, prices and other insights.

Days 1 and 2 – Lake Park, Georgia
221 miles from our starting point of New Port Richey near Tampa on Florida’s West Coast.

Eagles Roost RV Resort in Lake Park, Georgia

Lake Park is off GA Exit 5 on I-75. There are 3 campgrounds to choose from near the Exit. We had not stopped here before and chose Eagles Roost RV Resort from the good reviews we had read on line. The pull-throughs, full-hookups, paved pads and shady, Spanish moss draped oaks made it an easy choice.

The Farmhouse Restaurant in Lake Park, Georgia

We spent 2 nights to explore the area and were not disappointed. First off we found a really nice restaurant for each evening. The first night we tried The Farmhouse Restaurant at 5123 Mill Store Road. Niki had the breaded Grouper with fried okra and cheesy grits. I had the homemade spaghetti with meat sauce, cole slaw and garlic toast. We both had the peach cobbler for dessert. Both entrees were very good and the sides were well prepared and in large portions (4 Stars for each!). The cobbler, however, was not what we expected. It was more like a “cinnamon cake topped with peaches in syrup” as Niki describes it. They offer daily specials and a decent salad bar (but $5.50/one trip?). With a coffee and an iced tea the bill came to $29.98. Service was very good.


Rodeo Mexican Restaurant in Lake Park, Georgia

The second afternoon we followed a local’s suggestion and tried the Rodeo Mexican Restaurant, 1219 Lakes Blvd. Once again we were not diappointed. Niki chose the Fajita Bowl and I tried a nice sampler plate. We shared a pitcher of tasty lime margaritas and both came away stuffed but quite happy! The tab came to $35.87 with tip.

It’s 5 o’clock in Lake Park, Georgia

We decided to visit the other two local campgrounds to see what we might have missed and to do a dash cam video tour of all three which we will add to our website ( and our You Tube page in the future.

Grassy Pond Family Campground

Grassy Pond Family Camp is actually a Moody Air Force Base Recreation Area but it is open to the public. It has picnic facilities, boat rentals, cabins and a nice waterfront recreation area. The campground has 58 well maintained sites for RV’s.

Camping World Campground Valdosta

We were surprised when we visited the Camping World Campground! We expected perhaps some RV overnight parking spaces around the store but it is a separate yet adjacent complex with a large number of nicely maintained sites near a small pond.


For more pictures, prices and much more info about the three campgrounds, visit the write-ups on our website at

Next stop Perry, Georgia – jumping off point for the infamous Andersonville as well as Plains, Georgia


ONLY 6 DAYS until we are on the road again! This newest trip will take us from Tampa and Florida through Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and the Adirondack Mountains of way Upstate New York. We’ll be on the road 25 days and visit 10 campgrounds (for at least 2 nights each to explore the area). We’d love to have you ride along with us as for a few miles as we post maps, photos, dining reviews and campground pics & videos as well as costs and other interesting finds. To hop aboard just choose to “Follow”” us here as we will post Trip Reports daily from the road. -Jack, Niki, K.C. & B.B.

Just in – Workampers Needed in Florida & Georgia

Work Camper Needed:  Fort Myers, FL RV Resort seeking immediate part-time work camper for 2016-2017 season, for a new 200+ unit upscale RV park.  Send resumes or contact information to

Work Camper Needed: Blairsville, GA (northern mountains of Georgia) RV Resort & Spa seeking part-time work campers for 2016 season for a brand new resort .  Send resumes or contact information to

Received 5/10/16


Making the RV trip easy and more time for fun

As a plan new trip starts coming together we make our “Trip Sheet” – like the example below – for our upcoming Spring trip to the Northeast. We do use our GPS when on the road between stops and we also print out the paper version that Navigator Niki uses to track our progress and make notes.

There are many ways to plan a trip but whatever way you do it, try to involve the spouse, the kids and whoever else may be traveling with you. Make it all part of the fun and a joint effort from the get-go, from anticipation to planning, to traveling, to sight seeing and even the unpacking when you arrive back home.

Keeping a good trip sheet or journal full of notes with photos from the trips will be something to cherish and re-live long after the adventure is completed.

This is our Current Trip Sheet:

10 CAMPGROUNDS 1,974 miles (avg 197/day)
From Florida through Indianapolis & Canada to New England
Routes: I-75, I-64, I-65, I-69, CAN-401, I-87

Part I – New Port Richey, FL to Indianapolis, IN

1. Date(s)-
Grassy Pond FamCamp  – (222 miles)
5360 Grassy Pond Drive, Lake Park, Georgia 31636 Phone:
(229) 559-5840
58 sites. PT, FHU, 30/50 A, WiFi, Lake. Moody AFB campground, open to the public.
Must make a reservation.


Camping World of Valdosta’s Campground
5244 Jewell Futch Road, Lake Park, Georgia
Phone: 888-697-3430

(From jct I-75 (exit 5) & Hwy 376: Go W 0.1 mi on Hwy 376, then
S 0.2 mi on Jewel Futch Rd (R)

100 sites. Check-in with the cashier in the Camping World store. FHU. Free WiFi. Plenty of antenna TV channels.


2. Date(s)-
L & D RV Park  – (177 miles)                399 Total
1655 Dames Ferry Rd., Forsyth, Georgia 31029 Phone: 478-994-8977
$28/night ($25 f/Good Sam or former Military)
28 sites. FHU, PT, 30/50A, Free WiFi.


Forsyth KOA
414 S. Frontage Road, Forsyth, GA 31029
Reserve: 800-562-8614 Info: 478-994-2019
Open All Year. FHU, 30/50A, long, pull thru sites. Trees provide ample shade. Cable and WiFi are available $$.


The Template we use:

TRIP TO: _________________________________________________________

Routes: ___________________________________________________

#__. Date(s) _______________________________________

Campground Name: _________________________________ Miles to: ___________

Address: ____________________________________ Phone No.: ________

Cost: $____________






Campground Name: _________________________________ Miles to: ___________

Address: ____________________________________ Phone No.: _______

Cost: $____________



#__. Date(s) _______________________________________

Campground Name: _________________________________ Miles to: ___________

Address: ____________________________________ Phone No.: ________


Cost: $____________







Campground Name: _________________________________ Miles to: ___________

Address: ____________________________________ Phone No.: _______

Cost: $____________



We invite you to “Follow” us on our Blog where we put our “best laid plans” to the test and post daily reports of our adventures from on the road as well as other things we run across which might be of interest to RVers like you. You might also like to visit our website for all kinds of RVing info we’ve found helpful for us.

Niki & Jack

Join us next time for –

For Snowbird RVers heading North soon

Perhaps like Niki and I you are preparing to point your rig North for the Summer months? We have a lot of fun exploring the different North/South RV routes and posting our findings – photos, videos, maps, costs and our “reviews” of restaurants and attractions.

These are links to 3 of our favorite East Coast RV routes North.


“The Scenic Route – if you have the time”
I-95, US-17, US-301, US-13, Jersey Turnpike, I-287, I-87
Highlights- Myrtle Beach, New Bern, Kitty Hawk, Rehoboth
Beach, Atlantic City, Lake George, Canada and New England..

“The Mayberry Route – a little culture & a lot of fun!”
I-75. I-10, I-95, I-74/77,  I-81, I-88. I-87
Highlights- Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center, Suwanee
River, Jekyll Island, Huntington Beach, Mayberry, Blue Ridge


“Best” Snowbird RV Route North –

Florida to Canada & New England

I-95, I-26, I-77, I-81 and beyond
Highlights: Jekyll Island, Mayberry, Route 11 Potato
Chips, great food and beautiful scenery.

You can find more of our routes and reports on our website at

Have a safe trip and enjoy the journey,

Jack and Niki