About Niki, Jack, K.C., B.B. & Snowbird RV Trails


Hi Neighbor,

We would like to thank you for stopping by. Let me introduce ourselves. We are Niki, Jack, and The Kids (K.C. & B.B.).

We are retired, avid RVers, and out to explore this great Country as we check places off our “bucket list”.

Not being rich retirees, and really fairly frugal to begin with, we approached the RV lifestyle cautiously, looking for the best ways to accomplish what we wanted to see and do,  always with some semblance of a budget.

Know what? We have found that you don’t have to be rich to RV, and in fact, it’s a cheaper way of life, with less headaches, than coping with all of the expenses and problems of running a house.

We started a website, “snowbirdrvtrails.com”, where we explain how we travel by 5th Wheel up, down, and around the USA. We include maps of the  best routes as we find them, the good (and not-so-good) value-priced campgrounds we stay at, and ways we stretch our retirement dollars on fuel, dining and attractions. We even discuss “Workamping” because we do it and enjoy it.

This blog is about our latest adventures, and also the place we post our daily “trip diary” when we are on the road. We hope you will travel along with us for a few miles and see what we are about. And by all means if you ever run across us on the road please stop and say hello.

We’re your neighbors of the road and happy to be sharing it with you,

Niki, Jack, and K.C.

5 thoughts on “About Niki, Jack, K.C., B.B. & Snowbird RV Trails

  1. Hey Niki and Jack! I work with a small recreational boating company and we have a blog and Facebook page with 30,000+ Followers. I love your blog and all the travel tips you give–could I interview you for our blog? Let me know, thanks!


  2. Hi folks! I knew there had to be a resource out there on this wonderful world wide web! Thank you for being there when I need it most. I have a ton of questions and ready to “pull the trigger” so to speak. Our house is all but sold, we have family in NY State and still have no solid plans for our next step. Hubby’s about to strangle me – because he’s officially retired now, dependent upon the VA Healthcare system for medical needs, and SSA begins in just a few weeks. I am looking forward to this seemingly awesome RV lifestyle for which I developed my remote business that allows me the freedom of working from anywhere, as long as there’s good internet service. So I think it’s time! Looking forward to all the advice you have.


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