Work Camper Opportunity at Lake Sherwood Recreation Area

Opportunity at Lake Sherwood Recreation Area in the Monongahela National Forest

Received: 6/2/17

Do you like the outdoors? Meeting new people? Does spending the

summer at the lake interest you? If so, there are currently opportunities

at the Lake Sherwood gatehouse for work campers.


The Forest Service is seeking couples or singles to assist in the operation

of the Lake Sherwood gatehouse.

The responsibilities include:

 Open/close campground gate on assigned days

 Staff the gatehouse to greet visitors, issue visitor permits and passes,

collect fees, provide brochures and maps, compile visitor use


 Post campsites with reservation signs

 Assist with the delivery of campground programs (Smokey Bear,


A free full hookup campsite (electric, water, and sewer) is provided as

well as a daily stipend allowance in return for your services.

For more information please call the White Sulphur Ranger Station at

304-536- 2144 extension 111 to speak with Yvonne Norman or email her


White Sulphur Springs, WV

A chilly day at the Oldsmar Florida Flea Market

It was a bit chilly @ 33* when I arrived to open our Booth at the Oldsmar (FL) Flea Market this morning but the sun was bright and warmed up the cubicles pretty well via the corrugated metal roofing.

It’s a BIG football weekend in Tampa with the College Football National Championship here tomorrow and thousands of fans in Tampa Town.

Our Northern visitors didn’t seem to be minding the chilly weather at all. A lot of foot traffic started coming through after lunch and everyone was in good spirits.

Pics show along our section of the Flea – overall it’s a very large place. I have had a lot of fun with it so far.

We are at the Oldsmar Flea Market, 180 Racetrack Road every Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 4pm – Building G West, Booth #32 – with all kinds of items – some new, some used – for RV’s and RVers. It’s my new Winter “hobby”.


On the Road with Snowbird RV Trails


Camelot RV Campground is looking for a working RV couple


Working RV couple needed in Missouri

MO: Camelot RV Campground, Poplar Bluff, Missouri. We are close to town for shopping, dining, and entertainment needs with a country atmosphere. Food companies deliver to our RV sites.
Camelot RV Campground is looking for a working RV couple to help with the everyday duties of running a campground. If interested, there is an opportunity for year round placement. Watch for customers to arrive, register and escort them to their site. No computer skills needed. Some office work, cleaning, some light ground maintenance, site clean-up as needed, and NO fire pits to clean. We do the mowing of the grounds, the electrical and plumbing ourselves.
In exchange we offer a full hookup site with water, sewer, electric 30/50amp, cable TV 61 channels and WiFi. In addition we offer limited laundry privileges and discounted propane. If anyone should go over their site and amenities worth we would compensate. Also we do not charge you extra should you not meet your site and amenities worth. We appreciate you being on the grounds should we need you.

573-785-1016 ask for Jean.

Received:  4/30/16
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A LOOK BACK at the future of RVing!

Science and Mechanics Magazine - August 1960

Remember the fun of looking forward to your Dad’s or Grandad’s monthly issue of Popular Science or Mechanics magazines to read about the newest inventions and predictions for the future? It’s also great fun to take a look back and see which brainstorms and inventions from the past have actually made it into our present day and which ones really didn’t stand the test of time.We are going to add some RV history articles each “Throwback Thursday”. Click any of the photos to enlarge to readable size.

Science and Mechanics Magazine - August 1960
Science and Mechanics Magazine – August 1960

Niki and I are avid readers. We buy, sell, collect and enjoy out-of-print books, magazines and ephemera we find in our East Coast & Mid-West RV travels. We have done some research in the large quantity of early magazines we purchased at a sale this past Summer. Included were many issues of older Science and Mechanics Magazines with some great RV articles like the main articles in this issue.

Build your own truck camper for $100! Complete plans & build instructions in the magazine. Source: Science and Mechanics magazine - August, 1960
Build your own truck camper for $100!
Complete plans & build instructions in the magazine.
Source: Science and Mechanics magazine – August, 1960
Amphib camper article August 1960
Look it’s a truck camper – no, it’s a cabin cruiser!
Some other can’t miss inventions from Science and Mechanics magazine - August, 1960.
Some other can’t miss inventions from August, 1960

As mentioned on the magazine cover, this magazine has the full, fold-out blueprints for building an “Underwater Metal Detector” and a “Sport Powercycle with Sidecar”.  All of our books and magazines are available for purchase.

More articles next Thursday,

Jack & Niki

Are You an RVer with a hobby you love?

There may be gold on those book sale tables!

Maybe you can turn your hobby into an RVing small business you can take on the road with you as we have.

You never know what you'll find!
You never know what you’ll find!

We took our life-long love for finding and enjoying good books and turned it into a small business we can operate quite nicely from our RV,

Every town – large or small – has a library nearby and most will have a book sale at least once each year. Most of the sales are run by volunteer “Friends of the Library” to raise funds to add new books or make needed repairs. They sell the discarded books from the library to make room for new titles. When a call goes out to the community for book donations it will be answered by donations from attics and personal bookshelves from near and far. These donations can add up to 90% of the sale offerings.

There may be gold on those book sale tables!
Will there be gold on those tables today?

As a reader there is every possibility you can pick up last year’s blockbuster from your favorite author for as little as fifty cents or a dollar. It doesn’t take a very large stretch of your imagination to believe another fan somewhere would gladly pay twice that or more to own and read that same book.

Now take it a step farther and see that older books no longer in print (O.P.) command much higher prices – no new copies are being printed. This is where your hobby and books can meet. For instance O.P. golf books from the early pros will interest you and others if you are a golfer. The same holds true if your passion leans toward old trains, planes, automobiles, fishing or cooking for that matter. In short, whatever floats your boat surely does the same for others.

How to find the book sales, how to price your finds and how to store the books you find in your RV are topics we will take up in future posts. If this information is of interest to you be sure to let us know and also be sure to “follow” our Blog and website for more of our adventures.

Jack & Niki
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