Preparing for the RV Trip – Thinking About RV Security and Ways to Protect Yourself

What can you do to add a little security for your family and your RV in unfamiliar territory in these uncertain times?

Most States frown on carrying guns in your RV. Pepper spray? Police point out that anything like pepper spray would let an assailant get to close to you. There is one alternative that has proven to work and also does not look out of place in your home, office or RV.

The can shoots a fairly accurate stream for 20’. It will blind an attacker until they can obtain the antidote from a medical facility. Extra benefits? The spray will also kill snakes, mice and – oh yeah – hornets and wasps.

Hornet and wasp spray to defend life and your RV
“Hot Shot” adds simple security for your RV

We keep a can velcroed conveniently above the entrance door in our RV -just in case.

Now if they would only come up with a can small enough for a woman’s purse.

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