Preparing for the RV Trip – Organizing, Packing & Checking Equipment

Travel day is fast approaching. Today we are organizing and packing the 5th Wheel for our newest adventure heading North.
The GPS is locked and loaded with our principle stopovers. The maps are in their compartment and the general outline “Trip Sheet” is on our clipboard.

Making the RV trip easy and more time for fun
Making the RV trip easier on the Navigator

This year we are going a little more Hi-Tech with both a back-up camera and a dash-cam. The dash-cam is mainly for recording tours of the campgrounds we visit.

RV trips can be recorded and stored with a Dash Cam
RV trips can be recorded and stored with a Dash Cam

Since we have decided not to take the trailer into Canada this year we had to make space for the potted plants to go along with us. After 5 years on the road we have come to know what needs to go and what isn’t essential

Packing your plants for the RV trip
Make a space for the plants on the RV trip

We are pretty much self-sufficient for any stop along the road carrying what we might need – from a portable air compressor to a small portable washing machine. Roadside Assistance insurance is a must for us and anyone heading a long way out. We have used RA in the past and were glad we had it.

Give your Navigator a break and use a back-up camera on your RV
Give your Navigator a break and use a back-up camera on your RV

Someone asked how we handle meals and food prep when we are traveling. The simple answer is we love to eat out and find new “Mom & Pop” restaurants along a route. Niki will prepare sandwiches and snacks for our lunches each day and when we reach a campground we inquire about their favorite local restaurant. We have found some suggestions that were not very appealing from the outside but the food has been exceptional.

“Shugg’s” in St. George, SC is a good example of great Southern food and hospitality and one we are looking forward to visiting again on this trip. (See our Shugg’s visit at

(T Minus 2 wake-ups and Counting…)

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