Summary: A Popular Snowbird RV Route Florida to Upstate NY, Canada and New Egland

Map of our RV Route Tampa to the Northeast
1,512 miles – Tampa,FL to the Northeast

Snowbird RV Trails
July 7 – July 15, 2015 – 7 Days & 6 Campgrounds
Start: Tampa, Florida
1.*Walkabout Camp & RV Park – Woodbine, Georgia – $17.60 – 228.2 miles
Blog Entry: Woodbine, Georgia
2. *Jolly Acres Camp – St. George, South Carolina – $17.12 – 187.3 miles
Blog Entry: St. George, South Carolina
3. VanHoy Farm Family Campground – Harmony, North Carolina – $45.00 – 223.7 miles
Blog Entry: Harmony, North Carolina
4. *Shenandoah Valley Campground – Mt. Jackson, Virginia – $24.74 – 263.5 miles
Blog Entry: Mt. Jackson, Virginia
5. Western Village RV Park – Carlisle, Pennsylvania  – $42.00 – 141.1 miles
Blog Entry: Carlisle, Pennsylvania
6. River Beach Campsites – Milford, Pennsylvania – $32.00 – 198.5 miles
Blog Entry: Milford, Pennsylvania
End: Magic Pines Campground – Lewis, New York – 257.8 miles
* – Passport America half-price parks

1512.3 Towing Miles
Camping: $223.46
Food: $177.42
Gas: $414.70
Trip Cost: $815.58

Shuggs Southern Soul Cafe Restaurant – St. George, SC
The Shiloh General Store – Hamptonville, NC
Family Picnic – Harmony, NC

The Interstates are in a sad state of disrepair in general and becoming worse each year. The bridges are patches on patches; the sub-structures are crumbling.
The traffic pattern around Charlotte, NC (I-77) is horrendous with bottlenecks backing traffic up for miles at drive time. Try to make it before or after the main rush or make sure you have a full gas tank.
I-84 from Wilkes-Barre to I-87 in New York is torn up and re-routed to opposite lanes for miles. The drive through the “chutes” (concrete barriers lining both sides of the 10′ wide lanes) seems endless. It will probably be under re-construction for a couple of years.

America is beautiful and its people are warm and friendly. One day stopovers are not the way to see America. We normally spend at least 2 nights at each campground but due to our late start for this “Spring” Snowbird trip North, we opted for quick. We missed seeing a lot this time and are totally tired from the trip. It’s not the way to see the USA.
That said, this is a good and very popular route from Florida to the Northeast. It avoids much of I-95 and the big cities of Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Baltimore.

I do think we would definitely consider taking I-78 from Pennsylvania to the NY/New England area and avoid  I-84. Another option we often use is taking I-81 to Binghamton, NY and then I-88 to Albany and I-87 North toward Canada or I-90 East into New England..
If you have any questions about the route send us an email to and we will do our best to answer.

We look forward to meeting you on a Snowbird RV Trail one of these times but until then we wish you safe travels and enjoy the journey.

All the best,

Jack and Niki
K.C. & B.B.

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