Best WiFi Booster Antenna for RVers? Making life on the road a little easier department!

Best WiFi Antenna for RVers?
Best WiFi Antenna for RVers?

Niki and I have a need to be able to access the Internet pretty much on a 24/7 basis. As you know, many campgrounds and RV parks advertise “Free WiFi” – and they do have it – but being able to access it is quite another matter. Maybe the fine print says “access it from the office porch or activity center” or maybe it’s a question of where you are in the campground in relation to the main transmitter or repeater stations.

We did our research, made our selection based on over 200 reviews. purchased it and put it to the test on our latest RV Route. You can see our review with some pros, cons and pics on our website at -Jack & Niki

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